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Team Goals



Enable Fluent for mozilla.org. We'll need support in

  • project-config
  • python-fluent
  • Fluent in BWX

on the technical side. Open question if we need django-ftl.

We also need a sucessfull split between BWX and Pontoon.

Move elmo from buildbot to taskcluster. This is taking elmo from the past and py2 into he future and py3. We'll need to

  • define scheduling of elmo tasks for changes to
    • mozilla-central, -beta, etc
    • l10n-cenral
  • define task structure
  • define routes and artifacts
  • create a consumer of routes and artifacts to upload tc data into elmo


Measure locale manager engagement

  • Drive this initiave/OKR within the l10n-drivers team.
  • Scope out steps and create corresponding GitHub issues to track progress.
  • Create a document to define 5 manager-related sustainability threats to report automatically in Pontoon.
  • Create a document to compare self-reported perspective with data perspective for 5 locales.

Improve the android-l10n experience for new localizers on Pontoon for android-l10n project

  • (short-term) Define and implement a process that directs localizers from GitHub repositories towards Pontoon
  • (long-term) Create a document listing feature ideas and identifying scope in order to implement improvements to project requests and overall localization experience for android-l10n in Pontoon

Right-to-Left and Fenix before the end of H2

  • Product is aware that RTL feature is a major need in Fenix.
  • RTL appears on Fenix roadmap
  • Fenix has a clearly defined RTL guidelines/specs


Ensure that the process to add new languages to Firefox desktop is correctly documented, and plan overall cleanup of existing documentation.

  • [] Update internal documentation related to search settings for Firefox desktop.
  • [] Integrate existing localizer documentation for testing Firefox desktop.
  • [] Analyze existing internal documentation, remove content covering obsolete tools, and file issues for the respective owners to update or remove obsolete content.

Increase the pool of reviewers for Fluent changes and reduce the review load on our team by including front-end developers in the process.

  • [] Onboard and add at least one developer to the fluent-reviewers group in Phabricator.
  • [] Remove existing Mercurial hook on FTL files.


Executing on the BWX transition.
  • Terminology working group is using BWX for terminology management.
    • Create a process for adding target language term equivalents.
  • Work with BWX to tackle all P1 projects on schedule.
Define role of MT in the l10n process and collect list of candidate vendors of production MT.
  • Define three use cases for MT at Mozilla.
  • Identify where MT use cases fit within l10n process.
  • Define our linguistic data story for MT.
  • Develop a pilot project with a MT vendor.


  • [] Implement Batch actions in Translate.Next
  • [] Implement Filters in Translate.Next
  • [] Implement 3-column Translation Workbench
  • [] Implement Pre-Translation functionality


Onboarding Training Program
  • Discovery of BWX - new user
  • Be an efficient user
  • New tool feature training
  • Best practices for Google docs
    • Good content templates for docs & spreadsheets
    • Location and permission sharing



  • Organize a Pontoon Community Meetup
    • Objective of the meetup is to devise a plan of action to increase support for 3rd party (non-Mozilla) users of Pontoon.
    • Get contributors from various backgrounds there, invite people who are using Pontoon outside of Mozilla's instance.
    • Draft a vision for Pontoon.
    • Create processes for developing features that are not a priority for Mozilla.
  • Log all actions happening in Pontoon and expose that data
    • Create a data store to log every single action that happens in Pontoon (user actions, automated actions [sync], manager actions, etc. ).
    • Estimate the amount of data that represents, choose a storing technology that can handle that load.
    • Expose that data through the public API.

Theo (optional)