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Team Goals



  • Architecture plan for Continuous L10n backend
  • x-channel infrastructure is ready to use


  • Grow mobile
    • Create an updated version of our Firefox Android language coverage vs Chrome. In order to meet our 2017 OKR deliverables for mobile, we first need to know current status of locale coverage we have against Chrome. Getting this doc updated will be a necessary first step towards this. We can then move on to become more competitive thanks to better locale-coverage
  • Create missing internal documentation identified by PM group
    • During our PM workweek, we have identified key areas where there is missing documentation relative to important tasks we perform within our team. Those pertaining to my projects should be properly documented in order to help simplify and document all our tasks going forwards.
  • Support RTL and mobile
    • RTL: help Android team deliver RTL in Android and help iOS team get better iOS support.

For Android: Support RTL effort from l10n perspective. Ensure there is a community to test product and file bugs, as well as help fix them. For iOS: RTL support is on their radar for 2017. As I did for Android, support iOS team by providing help from RTL communities in testing and support.

  • Support l20n landing in Android
    • Help tech team where needed with PM work and discussions with other teams


Firefox Desktop

  • [Q2] Support cross-channel repository initiative through testing and documentation.
  • [partial] Move at least 2 locales in the pipeline towards release with Firefox 53.
    • Only Urdu is moving with 53, more locales might be ready for 54.
  • [OK] Get involved in the discussion about Photon, identify potential risks for localization and community.

Other products, support for mozilla.org and mobile

  • Complete documentation tasks identified for Q1:
    • [OK] Reorganize and simplify existing docs.
    • [OK] Create documentation for Appstores webapp.
    • [Q2] Unify documentation for setting up productization.
  • [OK] Take full ownership of the Appstores webapp, rewrite code to make it scalable and support new mobile efforts.
  • [partial, likely Q2] Support transition of Mobile (Android, iOS) to a centralized searchplugin system.
  • Tranvision:
    • [Q2] Support cross-channel repository.
    • [OK] Improve search functionality.

String tiers

  • [Q2] Define implementation details for string tiers in tools (Pootle, Pontoon).
  • [OK] Iterate over experimental dashboard to identify useful data patterns.


  • Internal
    • [OK] Establish communication with Firefox UI/UX teams and develop APIs for their needs for Photon
    • [OK] Develop a branch of Firefox that uses L20n instead of DTD/properties for Android UI
    • [OK] Define acceptance criteria for replacing DTD/properties with L20n in Gecko with key stakeholders.
    • [OK] Modernize Gecko's Intl/L10n code to prepare it for L20n
  • External
    • [OK] Advance ECMA402
    • [partial, likely Q2] Advance the conversation with ICU/Unicode about standardization of FTL/Fluent
    • [OK] Perform the initial round of feedback on Fluent with key stakeholders:
      • [OK] Domain experts (W3C/ECMA402/ICU etc.)
      • [Q2] Potential binding communities (Angular/Ember/React/Unity etc.)


  • Define concrete success metrics for community l10n workshops and l10n-driver off-sites that display how these events contribute to main-line org goals.
  • Ensure that l10n is considered a key stakeholder in Firefox/Platform org goals.
    • Improve l10n OKR tracking in Platform Trello board.
    • Create processes that invole l10n with other managers that overlap between l10n and their goals.


  • Show project/file priority and deadlines in dashboards.
  • Implement targeted, task-oriented notification system.
  • Mentor glossary and terminology implementation in the translate view.
  • Land support for FTL traits and selectors.
  • Get "Design screenshot-based localization interface in Pontoon" project into Google Summer of Code.
  • Outline plan for Pontoon integration with the dashboards.
  • Test & gather data for Firefox Aurora transition to a new x-channel en-US repo.


  • Documentation:
    • [OK] Complete documentation task identified during the PM workweek.
    • [Redefined; Q2] Create Firefox l10n marketing launch kit.
  • Vendor Services:
    • [OK] Establish workable process with identified localization agency by trying out a few types of projects in languages where there is lack of community support or expertise.
    • [WIP - Q2] Document the process from setting the vendor up to its deliverable of a localized project.
    • [OK] Create expense tracking sheet for year-end vendor service review.
  • [WIP-Q2]Workshop: Lead the effort in organizing the Taipei event to be held in late April by working closely with the Taiwan community, Taipei office and Asia community leaders.
  • [WIP-Q2]Style Guides: Work with Kabyle and Ahmaric communities to create a style guide. Leverage the Workshop opportunities to evaluate the style guide status, and increase the completion rate.


1. Release an early version of Project Fluent suitable for gathering feedback.

  [DONE] Incorporate feedback about the syntax from 2016 Q4.
  [DONE] Publish the syntax specification as EBNF and ASDL.
  [DONE] Publish the full reference implementation in JavaScript as fluent.js.
  [DONE] Publish the parser in Python.
  [DONE] Create a pitch deck about Project Fluent targeted at:
      - Pontoon, Pootle
      - ECMA, ICU, W3C,
      - React, Angular, Ember

2. Update l20n.js and incorporate the syntax changes from Project Fluent.

  [DONE] Make l20n.js depend on the fluent.js.
  [CARRY OVER] Publish a new version of l20n.js ready to be used on the larch branch.
  [DONE] Move Fluent-specific documentation from L20n docs to Project Fluent.

3. Spec out an internal tool for sharing weekly status updates.

  [CARRY OVER] Document the purpose of the tool and its design philosophy.
  [CARRY OVER] Create the roadmap taking into account feedback received so far.
  [CARRY OVER] Reach one milestone on the roadmap.

Theo (optional)

  • Get a first request through our new vendor and gather feedback, work with Jeff and Peiying on the vendor vetting process
  • Set up an opt-in initiative to localize requests from organizations in the Mozilla Network
  • Identify early l10n issues on the Mozilla Network website & define a localization strategy
  • Get the Copyright 2.0 campaign localized in the main EU locales
  • Clean up the Advocacy repository and open it to all locales
  • Support RTL on the donate website