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The current MLP web pages are a mess. They contain some good information, but though we have some good content, it's quite badly structured and inter-linked, and some of it has been unmaintained for quite some time.

We should get a new and clear structure for all that content, and we should build up that logical structure here so that we all know where to fit in what when realising it.

The current proposal is as follows:

  • User area
    • Localized downloads (same lists as below?)
  • Localizer area
    • Project registrations: link registration page, that one might have further pointers to account policy etc.
    • Localization team lists: one page per product (SeaMonkey, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Camino...)
    • Downloads of localized builds: basically one page per product, possibly split for products with long history (SeaMonkey)
    • L10n docs: How to localize, etc. New test pages: Localizing_Overview
      • [mrt: We could split these per-task, ie:]
        • Getting the files to localise (including downloading a language pack, extracting from a binary and via CVS)
        • Localising the files (explanation of DTD and properties files, UTF/BOM, links to and guides for using tools)
        • Packaging (language pack, installer, ZIP/tar.gz and CVS)
      • [mrt: or per method:]
        • Using CVS
        • Language pack structure
        • Installers/whole program packages
        • Localising the files
      • [/mrt]
    • L10n tools: MozillaTranslator, mozpotools, etc.
  • Developer area
    • How to create L10n-friendly code, CVS structure for source L10n (what goes where?), chrome registry, etc.
  • About MLP

Rationale: We have mainly content for localizers, but users might/will come to our pages in search for a download of some product translated to their language, so we should give them pointers to that in some way. As those will be the most inexperienced people looking there, links for them should be on top of the main page. We also have some documents for developers, mainly on how to make code that's localizeable as easily as possible, and we should have those documents linked as well. That area can be below the others as developers will find them there as well ;-) There's only one page outside those three areas: the "About MLP" page that describes the project and lists MLP staff.

If you got comments, just add them here on the wiki!