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Team Goals



  • [PMs] Community events discussion. Set firm dates for all of them
  • [PMs] Next steps since Brent won't be doing internship - what goals are we going to have to change
  • [PMs/Areej] Discussion about localization processes with Areej, and how she can bring new people in when she goes back to Jordan
  • [Flod/Zibi/Jeff] CLDR - What's next?
  • [Axel] Fenix - latest updates (if needed)
  • [Jeff] Video with Alcides
  • [Personal] Finish pending localizer/internal docs (or at least, get as much done as possible)
  • [Personal/OI] At least 4 meetings already set up about next steps for Open Innovation and l10n projects
  • [Personal/Emma] D&I meetings
  • [Personal/Mobile] Meeting with all Fenix/Rocket/Amazon/Focus/ etc (mobile) folks
  • [Persona] Chat with Lockbox folks


  • Get a better picture about upcoming community events, and where I might be involved
  • Get a clear picture of Fluent 1.0 schedule, and how it impacts work on Gecko and Firefox
  • Figure out CLDR next steps
    • People involved: Jeff, Zibi, Delphine
  • Discussion about mozilla.org l10n infrastructure, and how to change it
    • People involved: Axel, Peiying, mozilla.org folks
  • Discuss ownership of Multilingual Firefox discussion with Zibi
  • Multilingual Firefox M1: finalize copy and UX, define scope
    • People involved: Zibi, Emanuela, Michelle
  • Multilingual Firefox M3: kick-off discussions
  • Terminology discussion
  • Meeting with Open Innovation about Community and l10n (if available)


  • Unblock document.l10n - unprivileged/chrome
  • Unblock browser.fluent - the other part of system addons
  • Align document.l10n proposed changes with L10nRegistry v2 and Fluent 1.0
  • Aid Stas in Fluent 1.0 pursue
  • Kick-off Multilingual Firefox M3
  • Help Emanuela finalize Multilingual Firefox M1 UX


  • Advance Fluent and Multilingual Firefox stories.
  • Finalize list of H2 team OKRs.
  • Learn and plan for Rocket roadmap with Delphine.
  • Coordinate feedback discussions about community leadership roles and submit updates to descriptions in documentation.
  • Help Jakob achieve his goals.
  • Create final schedule for trips in H2 2018.


  • Finalize list of H2 Pontoon OKRs.
  • Fix 2 Fluent in Pontoon OKR bugs.
  • Add-Ons localization talks.
  • Help Michal achieve his goals.


  • Common Voice:
    • Team meetings, where we are and what's next; community volunteers are welcome to participate; L10n tech team are welcome to get involved for technical issues
  • Mozilla.org site redesign:
    • Current state report prior on Monday evening
    • Durability team and L10n tech discussion on impact to l10n (Axel and Flod)
  • Legal:
    • Brand name l10n policy and guideline (Jeff as well as l10n community invitees are encouraged to attend)
    • Revisit and revise legal docs production push process so it is more automated
  • Marketing:
    • Attempt to arrange smaller group discussions on Snippets, Emails, Blogs
    • Attend some of their high level team meetings; Meet new people and talk about l10n process
  • L10n team:
    • L10n community event planning for the calendar year (PMs)
    • Spend time with Fauzan and help him get the most from the all hands
    • Finalize Survey in response to brand l10n guideline (zibi and Jeff)
  • Open Innovations and WoMoz: meetings


  • Plan the release of Fluent 0.7, 0.8 and 1.0
  • Plan Q3 and Q4 for Fluent
  • Plan 2019 for Fluent
  • Move arewefluentyet.com forward
  • Gather fluent-react feedback from Common Voice, Devtools


  • Fluent for the next 2 years
  • Create a Fenix reference for strings.xml
    • Talk quotes
    • Talk <b>
    • Talk CDATA
  • senior-ics cohort
  • Find a post-Barcelona setup for the Tech Team
  • celebrate AWS
  • celebrate RDF (wiki editing included)


  • Re-build the Mozilla community in Jordan and empower WoMoz
  • Learn what best practices of the successful communities, and involve in regional projects, so the contributions can be sustainable
  • Know more about localization process and reviewing
  • Communicate with the different teams and catch up with the latest projects


  • Re-arrange Mozilla ID L10n community, due to the departure of Benny as manager
  • Planning ID community event in Indonesia
  • Do preparation on bringing Rocket to more Indonesian locale, such as Sundanese (su) and Javanese (jv)
  • Prepare a short guide for local community if they're interested to localize Rocket/Fennec to other Indonesian locale


  • Design a better onboarding process for new contributors.
  • Get input on how to build a (non-compulsory) culture of accountability.
  • Figure out if/how a tighter integration between the three communities working with the closely related Scandinavian languages (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) could lead to higher quality translations and help build better awareness of Mozilla's goals in Scandinavia.
  • Get Axel to tell me why my repeated attempts to upgrade compare-locales to 3.0 breaks everything a bit more for each try.

DONE Define prerequisites for moving Firefox-da to Pontoon. SOLUTION: 1) We will keep using our current workflow, and 2) take on an active role in the upcoming design sprint to help with solutions for the review process in Pontoon.


  • Matjaž
    • Define the right positioning for Pontoon Tools.
      • Do what's more appropriate to do in an add-on (decided per feature) and does not make sense or cannot be done in the app itself.
    • Promote Pontoon Tools to more users. (#79)
      • [AI] Port to Chrome and Chromium based browsers is a prerequisity. (#42)
      • [AI] Rename to Pontoon Add-on, so it's clear what it really is and does. (#72)
      • [AI] Review the code and define procedures for future updates and development (API changes, PR reviews etc.). (email sent to Adrian) (#80)
    • APIs
      • [AI] Document, what data from Pontoon are in use or are required for the planned features. (#56)
      • [AI-TODO] File bugs to provide them via Pontoon API. (see L10n:Pontoon-Tools)
    • Share React components between Pontoon UI and Pontoon Tools.
      • [AI] Talk to Adrian. (email sent to Adrian)
    • Get some insight of how Pontoon Tools are used. (TBD with Matjaž and probably Jeff)
      • Internal metrics and analytics system?
      • What metric would we want to track? Add #utm_source to Pontoon links, count number of interactions with the toolbar button per week etc. (#76)
    • How can we get involved in Pontoon.Next even with(out) coding?
      • Bugs, patches, PRs, design sprints, early feedback will be gathered via Discourse.
  • Pei
    • How to re-include Czech for localized snippets and/or how to prepare and deliver locally tailored snippets?
    • Can we help to speed up brand declensions?
  •  ?
    • How to further improve l10n documentation (both language specific and general)?
  • Jeff:
    • How to prepare l10n hackathon in autumn for multiple Czech communities? How to request some support and do the "paperwork"?
      • Process documented on blog/wiki.
      • Inviting localizers of other projects is perfectly OK.
      • Good to invite l10n-drivers based on the chosen topics.
      • Brno in November is OK (October may clash with Iceland), Matjaž can drive to Brno by car, others may fly to Vienna.
    • How to implement roles in the Czech not-only-l10n community with(out) me in the lead?



  • Understand roadmap for Terminology.
  • Become a bonafide member of the Fluent team.
  • Determine internship projects and define deliverables.
  • Establish relationships with people I will work with on internship projects.