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 mkdir releases && cd releases  
 mkdir -p l10n/mozilla-aurora
 mkdir -p l10n/mozilla-beta
 export LOCS=`wget -qO- 'https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n/mozilla-beta/?style=raw' | grep -v x-testing | awk -F/ '{print $5;}'`

Put this script (upclones.sh) in your $PATH:


for channel in aurora beta; do
    for loc in $LOCS; do  


        if [[ -d $CLONE/.hg ]]; then
            hg -R $CLONE pull -u -r default
            hg clone -r default https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n/mozilla-$channel/$loc $CLONE

Then, enable Axel's merge helper extension to hg:

 hg clone https://hg.mozilla.org/users/axel_mozilla.com/branch-l10n/ ~/src/branch-l10n

Edit your ~/.hgrc accordingly:

 merge-l10n = ~/src/branch-l10n/merge_l10n.py

Try it out with:

 hg help no-op-merge

There's also a test-suite in branch-l10n, which you can run to verify your version of mercurial works.

   cd ~/src/branch-l10n/
   python test.py

If the extension works, you can proceed with the merge


Have LOCS set. Also, make sure ssh works for hg, we're pulling over https to speed things up.

The actual merge wants to happen closely to/after the en-US merge and its push to beta.

First, visit the l10n dashboard, and migrate the database. Adjust the time to just before the push to beta of en-US. Or either, if aurora at one point was pushed first. The page is https://l10n.mozilla.org/shipping/release/. Also, on that page, switch off `fallback` for Lightning.


  • Do not use wildcards in Mercurial commands, they won't work with --cwd
cd releases/l10n

# This function can be used to ignore locales working on central, e.g.
# isCentralLocale $loc
# if [ $? -eq 1 ] ; then
#   # Ignore locales working on mozilla-central
#   continue
# else
#   # Do something for other locales
# fi

function isCentralLocale () {
  central_locales=(eo es-ES fr it pl ru)
  for locale in ${central_locales[@]}; do
    if [[ $locale == $1 ]]; then
      return 1

  return 0

# Path to migration script, without trailing slash (removed if present)
# Use $HOME instead of ~ if needed
# migration_path="$HOME/mozilla-central/python/devtools/migrate-l10n/migrate"
# migration_path=${migration_path%/}
for loc in $LOCS; do
  # Default migration actions
  hg -R releases/l10n/mozilla-beta/$loc pull -u -r default
  hg -R l10n-central/$loc pull -u -r default
  hg -R releases/l10n/mozilla-beta/$loc no-op-merge -m"Migrating central to beta for Firefox 56" $PWD/l10n-central/$loc
  hg -R releases/l10n/mozilla-beta/$loc push -r default ssh://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n/mozilla-beta/$loc

As we're continuing the localization with 56 on central, we stop pushing the beta merge to aurora, so nothing like

  hg -R mozilla-aurora/$loc pull -u -r default mozilla-beta/$loc

The following code is to be run for locales we merge from aurora to central:

The following should work: ls | egrep -v "eo|es-ES|fr|it|pl|ru"

  # Specific for 55 on central, post 54 aurora:
for loc in $LOCS; do
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc pull -u -r default releases/l10n/mozilla-aurora/$loc
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc rm mobile/searchplugins
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc ci -m 'Bug 1347830, Bug 1324045 - Remove mobile/searchplugins'

  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc mv devtools/client/eyedropper.properties devtools/shared
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc ci -m 'Bug 1354647 - Move the eyedropper l10n strings to /devtools/shared/'

  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/advanced.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/applications.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/applications.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/containers.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/containers.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/containers.properties browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/containers.properties
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/content.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/content.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/main.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/preferences.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.properties browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/preferences.properties
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/privacy.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/search.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/search.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/security.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/sync.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/sync.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc cp browser/chrome/browser/preferences/tabs.dtd browser/chrome/browser/preferences-old/tabs.dtd
  hg --cwd l10n-central/$loc ci -m 'Bug 1343682 - Create temporary killswitch for preference reorg'

  # Push to central
  hg --cwd mozilla-aurora/$loc push -r default ssh://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central/$loc