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Mozilla Localization Camp


Mozilla Localization (L10n) camp introduces Mozilla localization process to new contributors and improve the quality of existing translations using peer reviews and collaborative translations sprints. The camp is organised by localization community members at technical events, LUG meetings, Barcamps. The camp is delivered in local language using the set of downloadable material that are constantly updated, expanded and localized.


  • Provide clear and concise understanding of mozilla localization ecosystem.
  • Enable non-technical participants learn to contribute translations using simple web based interface.
  • Community building with interaction among new and experienced localization team members
  • Improve translation quality using peer review
  • Capacity building of L10n teams,


  • Divided into three modules:
    • Introduction
    • Localization using Web based localization tools
    • Localization with mercurial tools.
  • Each module had <20 minute talk (with slides and video demo)
  • Followed by a workout Session (Participants work on exercise and translations in small teams assisted by an experienced member of Localization team).
  • Each modules follows Translate -> Review -> Build/Test workflow.
  • Using training material (Mozilla wiki pages, Handouts, exercise sheets)
  • Software (USB pen drives with Locale specific fonts, keyboard layout software, development builds of firefox, hg bundles, mercurial tools)



Provides an overview of Mozilla project. Introduces the concept of Localization in simple jargon free language and explains the mozilla localization lifecycle. Introduces the translating using Narro web based translation tool. The audience are walked through the translate, review and testing steps using live and pre-recorded video.

This module can be used standone presentation at the tech events.

Localization using Pootle Web based tool

The goal of this modules is enable contributors with little or no previous localization experience to learn and contribute localizations using Pootle web based tool. The sprint modules takes participants through each step of localization using hands on exercises.

Some of the exercises covered in this module are:

  • Logging into Pootle and setting up your localization language preferences.
  • Navigating around Pootle User Interface
  • Translating strings
  • Learning by reviewing others translations
  • Testing using generated Language packs

Participants are assisted by experienced members of the localization team during the sprint. Remote participation also possible via Ustream (for video), IRC and twitter.

The localization team lead or manager would lead the peer review process by taking up each translation and explain its merits and demerits. This helps build strong understand of the localization conventions and improves the quality of the translation.

Participants would have worked each phase of translate,review and testing by the end of this module. This builds the confidence of the new contributors and fosters new mentoring relationships.

Localization using Mercurial tools

Introduces the mercurial tools for mozilla localization. The sprint uses a machine on the local networking running 'hg serve' service. Participants clone the repository via hg or copy the files off the portable pen drive. Contributors then translate the files and push the patches back to the local sprint server. Other alternative methods of submitting the patch via email or shared pen drives are used as well. The peer review process is conducted by the experienced member of the Localization team. The sprint then builds the language packs for testing.

  • Understand mercurial tools
  • Setup the mercurial environment
  • How to create patch (and submit them)
  • Building a language pack for testing


  • Lack of Internet access
  • Web based tools such Pootle is still in development.
  • Unavailable of experienced Localization team members


Past Events

  • Conferences, Technology events in educations institutes, Technical User group meetings, Barcamps
  • Vietnamese Mozilla (L10n) sprint, Hanoi. August 6, 2011
  • BarcampKL (MMU Cyberjaya) August 13, 2011
  • August 16th, 2011 by wquiviger

Upcoming Events

  • Barcamp PP 2011
  • Barcamp Vientiane 2011 November 19th
  • Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 – Kuala Lumpur (Nov 19-20)
  • Add Your Event Here


  • Arky (arky (at) gnu dot org dot in) Concept and Content development
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