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Namoroka is the code name for the branch which is going to become Firefox 3.6.

The current development phase can be found in Firefox/DeliveryMeetings notes.


Namoroka is based on gecko 1.9.2, which means that the following hg repositories are used:

en-US strings 
l10n repositories 
[2], pick the one for the locale code you're working on or interested in.

Status and builds

The dashboards report on the fx36x tree, tinderbox reports on the Mozilla-l10n tree, in the columns starting with "Firefox mozilla-1.9.2".

The nightly builds get incremental nightly updates, so every day, there's a small download with a restart following, which brings you to the state of the night of both Firefox development and the localization of it. Missing strings the translation will be filled in with the English originals, so testers should bear with their localization teams on that. Please find the contacts to your team on the L10n:Localization Teams if you want to help out.

The builds are only on ftp, you find them in a loooong list. Windows users will either want the .win32.installer.exe, or the .win32.zip. Linux users want the .linux-i686.tar.bz2, and mac users the .mac.dmg. Find the locale code for the language you're interested in and pick the right builds.

Localizers will find the builds generated on their own landings shortly after landing in the tinderbox-builds hierarchy on ftp. Use those builds to quickly verify that your landings actually have the intended result. Regular testers will be more interested in just staying on the regular nightly builds and get your landing within the next 24 hours or so.

Tree rules

There are no tree rules special to 1.9.2 at this point in time, which means that the tree is open for your landings except for productization changes which, as always, need review (see below).

  • Localizers can land on their 1.9.2 repositories according to whatever rules their localization team has. Landing on other teams repos should not be done in general.
  • Landings that change search, rss readers or protocol handlers need a bug, and a patch reviewed by stas prior to landing. That basically affects anything inside browser/searchplugins and browser/chrome/browser-region. Other apps might impose additional rules.

Once we have a string freeze for a localized milestone, we'll open up an opt-in process again.