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This is just a sketch of things to watch out for when reviewing locales for Firefox, this should be in synch with MozillaQualityAssurance:l10n_checklist,

  • all top-level directories need to exist, those are as of now
    • netwerk
    • dom
    • toolkit
    • security/manager
    • browser
    • other-licenses/branding/firefox
    • extensions/reporter
  • check bookmarks.html and search engines according to L10n:Firefox Extras
  • check extra-jar.mn for help images only, firefox-l10n.js for UA (no hardcoded locale)
  • check uniqueness of MOZ_LANGPACK_EID in defines.inc, the en-US one is {f68df430-4534-4473-8ca4-d5de32268a8d}
  • check correct encoding of installer.inc, install.it and charset.mk
  • check few chrome files
    • aboutDialog.dtd - there has to be 1998-2005
    • accept2locale.properties - there has to be en=en-US
    • intl.properties - there has to be fallback for intl.accept_languages (en-us, en) and font.language.group should be set to correct menuitem
    • printdialog.properties - there has to be extend=yes (FF 1.0.x only)
  • check dom/chrome/netError.dtd for bug 302729, markup should be <> instead of []