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Welcome to the Thunderbird 1.5RC2 L10n Community Test Day!

The test day will be held on December 20th, 2005. It will run from 10am PST/1pm EST until 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Our goal is to leverage the community to help us download and install Thunderbird RC2 candidate builds for all of the various locales. We've already had a test day for the en-US bits. Today is dedicated for the other locales.

We will be using the Litmus testing tool to keep track of the work for the locales for this event. The url to navigate to is http://litmus.mozilla.org/.

Please see the FAQ below for specific instructions on how to test using the Litmus tool, and other instructions about how to join the IRC channel and interface with other members of the Mozilla testing community.


Backup your existing Thunderbird profile before testing!

Here is some information about backing up your profiles:

  1. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird_:_FAQs_:_Backing_Up_and_Restoring
  2. http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/ - Backup utility for Firefox and Thunderbird


Where do I start?

Ok, I am in the channel, now what?

  1. Let the moderators know if you have any questions or encounter any problems. If you are not familiar with our bugzilla bug tracking system, feel free to report your problems to a moderator and they can log any bugs for you.

What build should I test?

We will be testing the Thunderbird RC2 build. Here are links to the various platforms for each locale:


How do I use Litmus to test?

  • Go to http://litmus.mozilla.org/
  • Click on run tests. Please make sure to enter your email address in the last field.
  • Select product "Thunderbird" and your platform and OS
  • Select 1.5
  • Enter 2005120115 as the build ID
  • Enter your email address

In the next section, select the following:

  • Select the radio button that says Localization (l10n)
  • Select the radio button for the subgroup that says Localization (l10n)
  • Click submit and then start the localization tests.

Testing Software Update

Bonus points for contributors interested in testing software update to upgrade from Beta 2 or RC1 to the RC2 candidate builds for a given locale and platform.

If you want to try this do the following:

  • Download RC1 for the right platform AND locale being tested.
  • Make sure you aren't running the application. Edit channel-prefs.js which should be located in a location like c:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\pref\channel-prefs.js. Change the word "release" to "releasetest" to use our test update channel.
  • Start Thunderbird and check for updates. We should find a partial update which updates you to Thunderbird RC2.
  • Verify that you are now running RC2 by going to Help / About and verify that the date in the dialog says 20051201.

Repeat this same test by downloading Beta 2 into a CLEAN location (i.e. remove the previous installation bits) and changing the channel in channel-prefs.js from "beta" to "betatest"

Don't forget to report your findings in the Discussions link on this page so we know that you tested software update. Include the locale and platform you tested.

Who will be moderating the #testday channel?

Moderators are designated by a solid green dot in the IRC client and will be at the top of the channel.

The moderator's nicks are:

  • Pike
  • mscott

How do I file bugs?

First of all, let one of the moderators know so they can check if it is already a known problem. Then they can guide you to either provide more details, update an existing bug or file a new bug. If filing a new bug, please do a quick check to see if the bug already exists. This can easily be done by searching for the error message, window name, or some over identifying feature of the bug.

How do I send feedback?

Please use the [1] to send feedback about how the testday went, any overall thoughts about Thunderbird 1.5 RC2, and roll up of issues found and bugs filed. We really appreciate your help today and your feedback is very valuable.

If you have issues with a particular testcase in Litmus, please take the time to add a comment to your test result indicating what is broken or unclear.