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Mapuche, Chile (arn)

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
Joaquín Haeussler josotrix@ravmn.cl Designated for coordination with es-CL Windows 8.1 Soon No
Victor Carilaf victor_carilaf@hotmail.com Localization  ?? No No
Sergio Cayuqueo cayu@cayu.com.ar Localization  ?? No No

Active projects

  • Firefox desktop

L10n kit

Translation Memory

For Firefox Desktop, please visit Transvision (soon).

Glossary (currently in a .doc file, pending review)
  • Abrir = Nülan
  • Ayuda =Kellun
  • Buscar = Kintun
  • Cerrar = Raküm
  • Salir = Tripan

How to join this l10n team

  • Contact the owners by mail
  • Sujest where you can help us, and tell us your experience with Mozilla products
  • Have you helped translating other programs? Which ones?
  • Give us any other information that you think is interesting
  • Send cakes to the owners

Team communication

  • Contact the secretary, he will deliver the inquiry to the rest of the team