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Spanish, Chile (es-CL)

Localization Registration Bug

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Mobile OS Hg Access?
Richard von Moltke ravmn "arroba" ravmn.cl Localization Owner, Main translator OS X 10.11, Windows 10 iOS YES; Level 1 L10n
Gustavo Munro sharpiewolf "arroba" ravmn.cl Stand-by Windows 8.1 iOS No
Joaquín Haeussler josotrix "arroba" ravmn.cl Firefox, Main QA Windows 8.1 Android Gingerbread No
Carlos Riveros saeed "arroba" ravmn.cl QA, Web components Currently without PC Android Jelly Bean No
Vedran Tomicic vtomicicc "arroba" uft.edu Firefox for Android, Web components QA Windows 7 iOS YES; Level 1 L10n

Active projects

L10n kit

Translation Memory

For Firefox Desktop, please visit Transvision.

  • Bookmarks = Marcadores
  • Addons = Complementos
  • Sidebar = Barra lateral
  • Downloads = Descargas
  • Downloading = Bajando
  • Find out = Descubre
  • Firefox Account = Cuenta de Firefox
  • Start = Comenzar
  • Try again = Volver a intentarlo
  • email adress = email
  • delete = eliminar
  • remove = remover
  • report = informar
  • websites: sitios (without web)
  • pin = fijar

+Would you like = quieres

Style Guide
  • Use of first and second person informal.
  • Do not use abbreviations if not necessary.
  • Separate with commas and spaces.
  • Finish each dialog message with a point.
  • Brand related words should be left untouched.

How to join this l10n team

  • Contact the owners by mail
  • Sujest where you can help us, and tell us your experience with Mozilla products
  • Have you helped translating other programs? Which ones?
  • Give us any other information that you think is interesting
  • Send cakes to the owners

Team communication

Previous Contributors

Emilio Sepúlveda <emisepulvedam@gmail.com> Chilemoz
Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini <pablo.olmosdeaguilera@gmail.com>
Francisco Collao <pcollaog@firefox.cl> Firefox.cl