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Galician (gl)

Team members

Name Email Role Hg/SVN Access?
Enrique Estévez Fernández eu[AT]keko[DOT]me Team lead (website and product l10n lead) Yes/Yes

Active projects

Product: Firefox (desktop + mobile), Thunderbird, Calendar, Seamonkey

Website: Mozilla.org, BrowserID, Firefox Input, Verbatim, Bugzilla Component Descriptions, Affiliates, SUMO, Firefox Live, The State of Mozilla Annual Report.

L10n tools

Product: Mercurial, compare-locales, text editor and visualizador diff meld.

Website: Subversion + Verbatim + OmegaT

Help to translate (resources): Tiboxe, Glósima, Open-tran, Transvision and mailing list(galician.mozdev.org and trasno.

Additonal info

Team website: http://galician.mozdev.org

Localizing SUpport.MOzilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to start localizing http://support.mozilla.org/ into Galician, please do the following:

  1. Read our universal l10n documentation here.
  2. Create a SUMO account.
  3. Get in touch with Michał / vesper.
  4. Visit our forums and introduce yourself to the community.

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