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Korean (ko)

Mozilla Seoul code party
Welcome to Mozilla Korean Localization Team.

Our goal is to make adaptive Mozilla products for Korean users for clear usabilities and local services. For this, our works have various ranges from translation of products, localization of web sites to arrangement of local web services.

Team website

  1. Korean community news
  2. Korean user forum
  3. Korean developer's blog
  4. L10n Dashboard

Active projects

Mozilla products
Firefox, Fennec, Thunderbird, Lighting, Gaia
official site
Mozilla sites
Add-ons, Support, MDN, Marketplace, BrowserID etc.
webmaker, appmaker etc

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
Channy Yun Browser Owner/Reviewer Windows 8 iOS7 Android ICS YES CVS access YES SVN access
Hyeonseok Shin Toolkit/Gaia/Website Owner OS X - iOS YES HG access YES SVN access
Jinkyu Yi Browser/Gaia peer Linux - Android YES HG access No
Byungju Lee Mobile owner - - YES HG access No
Myoung-Gwon Yang Mail/Sunbird owner OS X - iOS YES HG access No
Seoungwook Gong Add-ons website owner - - No YES SVN access
SwooWoong Seol Mozilla Hacks Editor - - No No
Narae Kim SUMO Editor - - No No
Younghwan Kwon SUMO Editor - - No No
Jinwon Yang SUMO Editor - - No No

Alumni members

Name Email Project assignment Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
JoungKyun Kim ex-Mail/Sunbird owner - - - YES CVS access No
Joone Hur ex-Mobile owner - - - YES HG access No
Changue Park ex Sunbird owner - - - No No
Junho Choi ex Mozilla suite owner - - - No No

Products l10n Tools

Hg client.
Translation Memory
Check out Aurora push log and Websites checker.
Style Guide
L10n Guide in Korean
File a Korean l10n bug

How to join this l10n team (in Korean)

Five steps for newcomers to learn how to join your l10n team

  1. Check out how to contribute.
  2. Join Korean mailinglist.
  3. Read L10n FAQ.
  4. Contribute in Mozilla code party by quarter.
  5. Keep contributions for a year!

Team communication

Community channels

  1. Moko L10n forum
  2. Moko Mailinglist
  3. Moko Etherpad

Social channels

  1. Facebook page
  2. Twitter account