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Style Guide

Style guides define the standard against which we determine a translation's quality.They contain rules that are both defined by Mozilla and by Mozilla's localization communities on how to best translate text in Mozilla products, websites, and other projects. Style guides are used to both translate and evaluate a translation's quality. By following these rules, a translator has a better chance of producing a high quality translation that represents Mozilla values and culture.

Before starting to localize the Mozilla products, be sure to read the style guide for Nepali L10n from here.

Nepali (ne-NP)

Nepali is official language of Nepal. It is also spoken in some parts of South Asia.

Current Activities

We are currently focused on Firefox (Browser) Localization and our goal for mid-2016 is to provide the community with fully localized Mozilla Firefox in Nepali.

Many of the activities on localizing Firefox was done after we attended a Mozilla Workshop in Chennai in November 2015. We've been working on and off since that. The topics below list active Contributors

Contributors engaged in Localizing Firefox

  • Saroj Dhakal <lotusnagarkot@gmail.com>
  • Surit Babu Aryal <surit.killer@gmail.com>
  • Avash Mulmi <avashmulmi@gmail.com>
  • Nootan Ghimire <nootan.ghimire@gmail.com>
  • Ujjwal Hatuwal <ujjwalhatuwal@gmail.com>
  • Roshan Gautam <roosan.gm@gmail.com>

Online L10n sprint and Contributors

From February 7th 2016 to February 13th 2016, we had an localization sprint, The people signed up for that sprint are listed below:

  • Saroj Dhakal <lotusnagarkot@gmail.com>
  • Saugat Pathak <gameplayersaugat@gmail.com>
  • Abhash Adhikari <abhash.com@gmail.com>
  • Ujjwal Hatuwal <ujjwalhatuwal@gmail.com>
  • Nirmala <shrestha.nirmala100@gmail.com>
  • aadesh shrestha <aadeshere1@gmail.com>
  • Krishna <mailkrishnaguragai@gmail.com>
  • Roshan Gautam <roosan.gm@gmail.com>
  • Aashiq <beegrekokto@gmail.com>
  • Sunil <linusme23@gmail.com>
  • Romin <romin.pasa@gmail.com>
  • Yogesh Ojha <yogesh.ojha11@gmail.com>
  • सुरित अर्याल <surit.killer@gmail.com>
  • Ashutosh Dhoj Joshi

Previous Contributors

Avash Mulmi <avashmulmi@gmail.com>

Bansaj Pradhan <bansajpradhan@gmail.com>

Nirmal Khanal <lstrrt@gmail.com>

Top Five Contributors for Firefox OS

Avash Mulmi <avashmulmi@gmail.com>

Benjamin Pokharel<bxpokharel@gmail.com>

Bansaj Pradhan<bansajpradhan@gmail.com>

Swati Pradhan<prad.swati@gmail.com>

Avay Shrestha<avay.shrestha@gmail.com>

Top Five Contributors for Firefox Aurora:

Benjamin Pokharel<bxpokharel@gmail.com>

Zeroo Cool<dangol.manish@gmail.com>


Swati Pradhan<prad.swati@gmail.com>

Avay Shrestha<avay.shrestha@gmail.com>

Pre-Previous Contributors

Registration: bug 286682 (Firefox), bug 315827 (Thunderbird)

Browser/mail/toolkit owner

Basanta K. Shrestha <basanta.shrestha@gmail.com> - CVS Access:Yes

Nepali Langpack for Seamonkey

Basanta K. Shrestha <basanta.shrestha@gmail.com>


Localizing SUpport.MOzilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to start localizing http://support.mozilla.org/ into Nepali, please do the following:

  1. Read our universal l10n documentation here.
  2. Create a SUMO account.
  3. Get in touch with Michał / vesper.
  4. Visit our forums and introduce yourself to the community.