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Kinyarwanda (rw,rw-RW)

Active team members

Name Email Role Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS Hg Access? SVN Access?
Az Anitah ezresanitah (at) gmail (dot) com Mentor
Hirwa Blasie hirwablaise95 (at) gmail (dot) com Firefox OS
Irene ireneseven19 (at) yahoo (dot) fr Firefox OS
Arky arky (at) mozilla (dot) com Mentor
Grace marygy02 AT yahoo DOT fr

Localizers in training

Name Email Project assignment Desktop OS Tablet OS Mobile OS
Paul Ndungutse (bizpol) ndungutsep AT gmail DOT com
Charles Mironko (Chas) charles DOT mironko AT aya DOT yale DOT edu
Ndejuru ndejuru47 AT gmail DOT com
Robert Habinshuti habirobert AT gmail DOT com

Active projects

Which mozilla projects is your community actively localizing? Please add links to dashboards for these projects.

L10n kit

Please list here the tools your team uses, as well as links to your L10n assets (e.g., translation memories, termbases, style guides, etc.).

Translation Memory
Style Guide

How to join this l10n team

Five steps for newcomers to learn how to join your l10n team

Localizing SUpport.MOzilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to start localizing http://support.mozilla.org/ into Kinyarwanda, please do the following:

  1. Read our universal l10n documentation here.
  2. Create a SUMO account.
  3. Get in touch with Michał / vesper.
  4. Visit our forums and introduce yourself to the community.

Team communication

Please add mailing lists, community websites, etc.


file bug Duplicated registration bug

Web pages: Not available yet.

Browser/toolkit owner 
Stephen Holt <steverwanda@yahoo.co.uk> - CVS access: YES
Browser/toolkit peer 
None yet
Mail owner 
None yet
Calendar owner 
None yet