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Slovenian (sl)

Team website: Mozilla Slovenija

Team group on Mozillians: Mozillians l10n:sl

Bugzilla: File a bug for Slovenian localization

Active team members

Name Email Nickname Role (owner) Hg Access? SVN Access?
Matjaž Horvat matjaz(at)mozilla.com mathjazz Firefox Desktop, Firefox for Android/iOS, Mozilla.org YES YES
Lan Glad upwinxp(at)gmail.com upwinxp SUMO, AMO NO NO
Peter Klofutar peter_klofutar(at)telemach.net Klofutar Thunderbird, Lightning, Social API NO NO
Miha Knavs miha(at)abecednik.si miha Websites NO NO
Rok Žerdin rok.zerdin1990(at)gmail.com zerdo90 Test Pilot, Thimble NO NO
Amadej Hudolin Pirc amadejhp(at)gmail.com amadejhp Webmaker, Firefox for Android NO NO

Previous localizers

Name Nick Role
Vito Smolej smo Thunderbird, SUMO, AMO, Affiliates, Mozillians, Input
Goran Kohek Goran Firefox Flicks, Mozilla.org
Nino Vranešič elnino Firefox Mobile
Miha Kosi miha.kosi Marketplace
Gašper Deržanič gapson Firefox OS, Webmaker, Mozillians
Alneja Gašpar nejka Firefox Input, Mozillians
Jernej Baranja j3rn3j Firefox Mobile
Mojca Šetinc mojca89 Firefox Flicks

Current status of all projects

L10n kit

We use Pontoon to localize everything.

How to join this l10n team

We welcome all new localizers and contributors. Being a localizer at Mozilla is fun and gives you great power. But with great power there must also come — great responsibility! It's not only important to start a localization project, but to also keep it up to date. If you see something interesting, don't start in a rush. Someone might be already working on it and we don't want to waste anyone's time.

Please follow these steps before you start contributing:

  1. Join us on Google Groups.
  2. Check if there are already open threads or open a new discussion to introduce yourself and explain what you'd like to do.
  3. Wait for instructions on how to proceed.

Team communication

We use Google Groups.