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Serbian (sr)

Team website: Mozilla Srbija

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Active members

Name Email Project assignment Hg Access?
Marko Andrejić (:facyber) marko.andrejic93(at)gmail.com Team leader
L10n QA lead
Pontoon projects
Vanja Tumbas (:civas) tumbas93(at)gmail.com Firefox desktop
Firefox for Android
Pontoon projects
Aleksandra Uzelac (:auzelac91) auzelac91(at)gmail.com Web content (mozilla.org)
Pontoon projects
Marko Kostić (:Kostic) marko.m.kostic(at)gmail.com Thunderbird

List of all contributors.

Current status of projects

L10n kit


We use Mercurial and text editors to localize Firefox, Firefox for Android and Firefox OS. Pontoon is used to localize web content and Thunderbird.

Translation Memory
  1. Transvision is useful in several situations, for example to check if wrong strings belong to the software or an add-on, identify in which file a particular string is saved or check how an English string is localized (this is extremely important for SUMO articles).
  2. Pontoon's Terminology displays matches from various services: internal translation memory, Mozilla Transvision, open source translation memory, Microsoft terminology and machine translation.

How to join this l10n team

We welcome all new localizers and contributors. Being a localizer at Mozilla is fun and gives you great power. But with great power there must also come — great responsibility! It's not only important to start a localization project, but to also keep it up to date.

Please follow these steps to start contributing:

  1. Introduce yourself to team leader and tell us on what projects you want to work on.
  2. Check out this guide (in Serbian) to get an idea how our community localizes Mozilla products and web content.