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Serbian (sr)

Team website: Mozilla Srbija

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Active members

Name Email Project assignment Hg Access? SVN Access?
Aleksandra Uzelac (:auzelac) auzelac91(at)gmail.com Team leader
Web content
Verbatim projects
Vanja Tumbas (:civas) tumbas93(at)gmail.com Team leader
Firefox OS (Gaia)
Firefox desktop
Firefox for Android
Marko Andrejić (:zeka) marko.andrejic93(at)gmail.com Verbatim projects
Firefox projects QA

Current status of active projects


Name Contributions
Vanja Tumbas (:civas) Firefox desktop & Firefox for Android

Firefox OS (Gaia)
Firefox OS Features Guide

Aleksandra Uzelac (:auzelac) Web content (mozilla.org)

Firefox OS (Gaia)

Marko Andrejić (:zeka) Verbatim

Firefox OS (Gaia)
Firefox l10n QA

Andrej Tilinger SUMO
Marko Smrzlić Verbatim
Dejan Binder SUMO
Oskar Ivanić SUMO

Firefox OS Features Guide

Matea Lisica Voice talent: audio, video dubbing; staff
Miloš Dinić Mozilla Serbia community founder
Nikola Radovanović The initial translation of Firefox
Goran Rakić Serbian spell checker and the Serbian dictionary
Igor Miletić Preparation of the dictionary in the form suitable for Firefox
Ljubiša Radovanović Translation of Lightning, various Firefox modules and other sundry work
Filip Miletić Thunderbird language pack, various modules, initial QA, release engineering
Ivan Ičin Voluntary QA
Marko Jovanović Serbian Mozilla community website webmaster
Dragan Janković
Milorad Tošić
Olivera Tošić
Dušan Vučković
Branimir Stanković
Vladana Mihajlović
Dragan Mitrović
These people worked on the government-sponsored community edition of the corresponding Mozilla tools.
Localizing SUpport.MOzilla.org (SUMO)

If you want to help localize http://support.mozilla.org/sr-Cyrl into Serbian, please do the following:

  1. Create a SUMO account
  2. If you can, get in touch with the Group Leader(s) listed here via a Private Message. If there is nobody listed there, please get in touch with Michał / vesper.
  3. Read our universal l10n documentation here. For language-specific documentation, please get in touch with your Group Leader(s).
  4. Visit your language thread in the forums and introduce yourself to the community. We don’t bite, unless you’re made of cake.
  5. You're ready to go! If you have any questions, ask them on the forums.