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Tagalog (tl, tl-PH)

Browser/toolkit acting owner 
None - CVS access: Not yet
Localization Team Lead 
Robert DC. Reyes <bob@mozillaph.org>

Mozilla L10N Registration Bug

Team website:http://mozilla.locamotion.org/tl/

  • The language is still in approval stages
  • Informing others interested
  • Creating tools

Active Team Members

Name Email Role Hg Access? SVN Access?
Robert "Bob" Reyes bob@mozillaph.org Regional Localization Leader NO NO
Ben Hearsum bhearsum@gmail.com Localizer / Technical Adviser YES NO
Joell Lapitan jlapitan@gmail.com Localizer NO NO
Kemuel Joseph Domanog kjdomanog@gmail.com Localizer NO NO
Frederick Villaluna fv_comscie@yahoo.com Localizer NO NO
Kevin John Ventura kevinjohnventura@gmail.com Localizer NO NO
Mark Anthony Torrocha torrocha.ma@gmail.com Localizer NO NO

Localizers in Training

Name Email Pootle Username
Paul Harriet Asiñero harriebird@yahoo.com harriebird
Marc Aaron Frigillana marcfrigillana@gmail.com marcaaron
Kevin Norman Kapchan kndkapchan@hotmail.com pambihira
Geloy Molina indestructibles420@gmail.com skipper

Inactive Team Members

Name Email Pootle Username
Eusebio Barrun, Jr. ebarrun@gmail.com ______
Christian Labis christiandlabis@gmail.com ______
Joel Encinas joel.m.encinas@gmail.com ______
Asuncion Lago ascabla@yahoo.com ______
Sofia Mae Sabas sofiamaesabas@students.federation.edu.au ______
Tony Martinez sergei32@yahoo.com ______
Orlando Pasion orleepasion@gmail.com ______
Omar Matthew Reyes omar_matthew@yahoo.com.ph ______
Noel Anonas nanonas@yahoo.com ______

Active projects

  • Firefox Aurora
  • Firefox iOS
  • Firefox OS

L10n kit

Tools used by the MozillaPH Localization Team


How to join this l10n team

  • Sign-up via http://join.mozillaph.org (make sure to include/check on Localization as Area of Contribution)
  • Follow the instructions in the MozillaPH L10n Team Welcome Email
  • Join the MozillaPH L10n Team Facebook Group to receive updates regularly.
  • Join the localization efforts via Pootle.MozillaPH.org
  • Attend Monthly Online Meeting (and in-person meetups if possible)

Team communication