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This page documents which libraries to use when validating or investigating data around localizations. Often, going back to the source is a good idea, and compare-locales can help there.

For source code up to and including March 2019, use versions of compare-locales < 6.0.

For source code starting April 2019, use versions of compare-locales >= 7.0


March 2019

  • Dropping support for Fluent 0.4 from python-fluent
  • Dropping support for Fluent 0.8 from all tools, including python-fluent
    • This is effectively Term Variants, which are replaced with Parameterized Terms, and had been deprecated in 0.8

The first step in this is the release of compare-locales 6.0, which adds a check erroring on Term Variants and Variant References. This will prevent new Term Variants to be added. The release of compare-locales 7.0 finalizes this step, by updating to Fluent 0.9 via fluent.syntax==0.14.0, and only that version of the spec.