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Bugs that need to be fixed before code freeze are emphasized in bold.

Welsh (cy)

bug fx3-l10n-cy, 1 blocker

  • 484021: Update 3.0.x localization for consistency with 3.1/3.5
    • patch: yes
    • review: to do
    • landing: to do


  • Promotion via Maes-e and Meddal.com
  • Tested on Mac and Linux (Staś and Gandalf did some Linux testing)
  • Smoke tests : to do
  • Dialog sizes: checked
  • Grammar, spelling: checked
  • [Feedback is] positive on the whole but I think that we need to do some detailed work to sort out some issues that have been sorted for 3.1. Were not ready for it to be final at this stage - there is more work to be done.
  • Check-in to CVS needed for consistency with 3.1.