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To ensure a successful global or regional launch of your campaign, please alert the World Ready list as soon as possible (concept stage is great!). The goal of the team is to answer whether the campaigns are suited for particular locals or could be tailored to be culturally relevant. To kick off feedback, please provide the following to the World Ready list:

  • Campaign Brief: Please draft an overview of your campaign, including its purpose and goals. Anything you've provided WebDev, copywriters and/or designers is helpful.
  • Intended Locales and Regions: Share what regions or locals the campaign is intended to reach, and what work was done during the design stage to account for or target regional and cultural differences.
  • Audience, Reach, and Impact: Include the types of individuals and/or users your campaign targeting, the way that you want to engage or impact these individuals or groups, and the length of commitment (time) or level of engagement that you want to achieve. e.g. some projects will short or low levels of engagement, other will be more encompassing.
  • Success Metrics: Describe what success looks like and what measurement you will be using. Examples:
    • Page views
    • Participants
    • Social Media mentions
    • Downloads
  • Design: Share any design direction you might have, as well as wireframes and/or early concepts.
  • Questions/Concerns: Be explicit about any questions you might like answered or concerns you might have about regional relevant, local market reception and more.

Interested in improving your cultural sensitivity? Check out the list of recommended books to read. For a few questions to start asking yourself, see L10n:WorldReady/Identifying_Cultural_Differences.