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  • facebook
  • affiliates, new buttons
    • css3 buttons, canvas, pdf.js? topic for a different meeting
  • tweets
  • snippets
  • ads (different networks: fb, mobile)

important differences compared to big campaigns

  • 20 words per assignment
  • 2-3 days of lead time in most cases, otherwise the post will be out of date
  • published content never changes; no need for elaborate strategies for updating existing content

current etherpad process

  • william creates an etherpad
  • william sends to stas for review and distribution to the localizers
  • on the day of posting, william copies and pastes
    • he posts en-US to all users
    • and localized versions to individual locales

We should make sure that we understand who the target audiences are and what their needs are before we decide to "create a tool".

Give ourselves an opportunity to redefine (/simplify) current processes instead of creating tools that will solidify them.

target audience

  • william (engagement)
    • automation
    • posting at a specific time
  • localizers
    • discoverability
    • don't dilute the messaging about bigger projects
      • all announcements end up in one newsgroup
      • the cost of reading the announcement of a 5-minute tasks is the same as for big projects
  • readers
    • shouldn't see en-US if localized content is available (?)
  • l10n drivers
    • easier, less-time consuming outreach
  • APIs

can we avoid creating big new tools?

are there simple solutions that we could implement now that would satisfy 80% of our needs?

  • localizers gave positive feedback about etherpad (see below)
  • selenium script could automate posting on fb
  • export txt from etherpad, parse with a script that taps into fb api

etherpad's strong points

  • very easy to set up
  • multiple localizers within a single locale can collaborate at the same time
  • localizers can draw inspiration from other languages
  • can see live participation which builds the sense of the community

etherpad's shortcomings

  • easy to accidentally remove someone's work
  • hard-to-remember URLs; how localizers find those etherpads?
    • go back to the original announcement email?
    • awesome bar (if ep is named appropriately)

inventory of etherpads

we could probably improve the current process by having an inventory of etherpads, e.g. on the wiki

  • increase discoverability of current etherpads
  • archive old etherpads
  • reuse previous translations
    • as reference
    • as generic posts suitable for the occasion (?)
      • for the launch of fx6, is it better to post a generic launch update in Polish or a fx6-customized update in English?

action items