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tl;dr: Write copy in Simple English (en-simple), make en-US just another locale.

From en-US as the first language to en-US as the first translation.


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  • copy is easier to understand
  • en-US can make late changes to their "localization", unless the semantic meaning changes too much
  • it's easier to avoid the word-for-word kind of translation for the localizers, since the Simple English conveys the messages without imposing too much of the sentence structure or vocabulary on the translator

Possible issues

  • how to make 'downgrading' en-US to en-simple easy?
  • is it possible to populate en-US's PO files automatically?
  • how to make debugging easier? grep will not work.

Next steps

  • implement a prototype and test run in on one of the new engagement projects,
  • come up with a first iteration of the word list for the Basic English. I think that it's OK to have a lot of false positives in there for now; we should continue trimming it (or adding words) as we gain more experience.
  • prototype a tool that looks for words not on en-simple's wordlist, to help copywriters create en-simple copy.


Any existing wordlist would likely need to be amended to include some of the vacabulary that is specific to the Web and the browser.

Other resources

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