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Information model for l20n

We will use two wikis (both public) to accomplish two purposes:

  1. WikiMo will serve as a workspace for l20n team for project planning, requirement design, and meeting notes. WikiMo will also contain information on how contributors can give to l20n.
  2. MDN will instruct end users on the technical aspects of using l20n.

We will also use the tools-l10n@lists.mozilla.org mailing list for general communication about l20n amongst all contributors and lurkers.


Target audience
l20n project stakeholders, new contributors
Primary writers
l20n stakeholders

WikiMo has been our primary location for all documentation related to l20n. It contains our meeting notes and all other documents listed above. It will continue to be the primary location for documentation pertaining to all stakeholders in the project's development. In addition to this, we will use WikiMo to also plan future releases by storing documents related to the following:

  • Release charter for each release
  • Contribution pathways for contributors of all backgrounds
  • Design specs for release requirements
  • Description of our project tracking and reporting process
  • Calendar of events for l20n


Target audience
l20n users (e.g., localization engineers, developers, technically inclined translators, etc.)
Primary writers
MDN writing team, MDN contributors, l20n stakeholders

MDN will contain more widely used content. The l20n MDN documentation will aim to teach users (i.e., localization engineers, developers, technically inclined translators, etc.) how they would implement l20n into a project and how to translate a project using l20n. Here are some of the topics you are likely to see in MDN for l20n:

  • Glossary of l20n objects, commands, libraries, etc.
  • Tutorials on implementing l20n, translating l20n content, incorporating l20n architecture in l10n tools, how to write tests for l20n, etc.
  • Teaching the use of l20n by example.