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  • allow tools to set meta information on certain entities
  • allow localizers to communicate and flag entities for further review/translation

Currently comments in L20n are plain text and they are mostly intended for developers to leave messages for localizers with context information or translation tips.

It could be beneficial if tools could mark entities (like with gettext fuzzy state) or for localizers to help each other by leaving notes and/or flags.

The counter argument is that setting any meaningful meta information inside the file is making the file state-full, which, in result, opens a window for complex merge collisions because an entity in such case has multiple states that can be in conflict with each other in distributed VCS setup.


  • gandalf - put on hold
  • stas - l20n.next (I'd like to first see how localizers collaborate and if they use some kind of meta-comments in the files)
  • pike - ?