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we need to be able to recognize variables from a developer from entities located in resources


We decided to separate the expression syntax used to call to other entities from the syntax used to reference developer provided variables.

Entities are referenced by a name, no changes here. But in order to reference a developer provided variable (either from the context or a call) a prefix "$" has to be used. It looks like this:

<brandName {
  nominative: "Firefox",
  genitive: "Firefoksa"
  _gender: { mac: 'male', win: 'female' }
  accesskey: { mac: 'F', win: 'C'}

<about "About {{ brandName.nominative }}">
<update[brandName.._gender.win] {
  male: "{{ brandName }} has been updated.  The update took {{ $updateTime }} seconds."
  female: "{{ brandName..accesskey.mac }}"


  • open
  • stas - ok
  • gandalf - ok
  • pike - ok