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Active Projects

Description Leader Goal ETA Status
Land L20n-XUL language bindings Gandalf R+ patch from Platform team and land language bindings on tree September 30 Patch ready for review (bug 566906)
Source File Format Axel Finalize the L20n File Format June 30 Several file formats researched; draft format available, though not final
Type Annotation File Format Axel File format accepted by key tool authors  ?? In Thought
JS Language Bindings gandalf Expose l20n to JS code September 30 Patch ready for review (bug 595816 and bug 595815)
XBL Language Bindings gandalf Expose l20n to XBL September 30 Patch ready for review (bug 595813)
Jetpack API gandalf Expose l20n to jetpacks October 30 (bug 595821)
Python J20n Compiler Gandalf generate js from lol (python impl) Sept 30 basic implementation as a part of l20n support in silme (compiler, script)
Javascript J20n Compiler  ?? generate js from lol (js impl to be used live)  ??
PO Bridge Gandalf Enable baseline conversion between po and lol Sept 30 support thanks to format-conversion in silme (l10nconv.py)
Prepare Firefox Migration gandalf Have tools to convert dtd/properties to l20n September 30 Bug 595817 contains patch against Firefox, convtol20n with compilation
Outreach to Tools Ecosystem team Keep l10n tool authors updated on l20n ongoing ongoing

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Inactive Projects (need to finish)

Description Leader Participants Goal ETA Target Status



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Completed Projects / Archive

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