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Bespin couldn't be what it is without the already growing list of contributors. We are so excited to see a community growing that we really want to honour their work, in order of last name, first name:

Allrich, Evan

Evan started off by finding a bug that didn't tell users when a username was taken.

Almaer, Dion & Ben Galbraith

We came to Mozilla to work on Developer Tools, and created a new lab for just that. Bespin is the first project to come out of the lab, and we are having a great time with it.

Avtalion, Ori

Ori has weilded jslint and spent a lot of time cleaning up the code!

Belissent, Jacques

Jacques was an early adopter of Bespin when he reused the editor component and put it into Zembly (a browser-based, social IDE for building and hosting web applications).

He has helped a lot since there and has added features such as a new 'format' command that takes your code and nicely formats it in the editor. He helped track down a nasty Windows bug, and has many other narly fixes such as in the undo/redo code.

Jacques' Repo:

Bird, Jay

Jay has given us a bunch of patches, including work for initial tab smartness, second level completion on commands, smart home button, and much more.

Jay's Repo:

Burke, Sean

Sean has given us tweaks to items such as the info popup, as well as the PHP syntax highlighter.

Sean's Repo:

Dangoor, Kevin

Kevin starts out as the backend leader, for both Python and JavaScript, but he is leading in many more ways too.

Hemsley, Gordon P.

Helping with a lot of bugs, and fixing them too!

Gordon's repo:

Iskander, Alex

Alex has helped a lot with the model selection code and more.

Alex's repo:

Jonsson, Olle

Olle showed us a cool demo of Bespin working with Arduino, and has jumped in to find a couple of bugs, documentation fixes, and is now looking at some cool new improvements.

Kroo, Elliot

Fixed subtle bugs in the editor, and he is checking out the collaborative editor side of things, since he has done this before... e.g.

Motsjonov, Aleksandr

Alek has started to help clean up the keybinding support.

Saccon, Roberto

Roberto has been a tour de force already. He has touched more code than almost anyone! He generously ported the code base to Dojo, has done many bug fixes, and added new functionality such as porting our key handling to dojo.keys, making a cool browser preview, and much more. He has done some great work with Malte around Workers and ported CodeMirror's parser based syntaxengine to bespin.

Roberto's blog:


Ubl, Malte

Malte is the create of Joose and many other things. For Bespin, he checked in the fantastic syntax checker / outliner code with Web Workers.

Malte's Repo:

Viereck, Julian

Julian has contributed code to get things working better on foreign keyboards (such as his native German?) as well as nice indentation fixes. Recently he cleaned up the dashboard to remember your state. Something people have been asking about a lot.

Next, he implemented the much anticipated Open Files functionality.

Julian's Repo:

Walker, Joe

Joe is working on tough problems such as collaboration, but you will see him sprinkled throughout.

Zatuchna, Dany

Dany is a brave soul. He has been hacking on the core Thunderhead UI toolkit and has added a nice scrollbar and textarea!

He implemented proper tab support, and then tore apart Bugzilla.