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Design Document: Dashboard Elimination


At this stage, we are going to eliminate the dashboard page and go straight to the editor. That part is easy. The part that involves work is replacing what the dashboard currently does.

NOTE: mockups/more interaction description needed below

Initial Launch

Without the dashboard to get their bearings, the initial launch will present the user with an overlay on the editor that lets them select from the existing projects or create a new one.

This can have a "don't show this next time" checkbox. If the user has selected that, then on the next entry into the editor they will be taken straight to the last file they were editing.

File Navigation

The dashboard provided a Mac-like file picker interface. For being able to browse through the files, a tree is handier. We want a tree in a pane on the side.

Beyond this, Quick Open works just fine.

Open Sessions

This should be changed to "recent sessions" and show the recently edited files. This can be a separate view (I believe Quick Open already has something like this) and available from that initial overlay in some fashion.