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How should we handle key handling?

We have a detailed spreadsheet sharing the key combination for Bespin on various OSes and browsers.

We also show the browser shortcuts and if there are collisions on other sheets:

Bespin Key Spreadsheet

The core philosophies of key bindings in Bespin are:

  • We should have smart defaults that "feel right" for developers on each platform
    • E.g. Redo on Windows is commonly Ctrl+Y, on Mac Cmd+Shift+Z
  • We should block or override key combinations that make sense in the browser, but let through ones that a user expects, for example:
    • Cmd+F should do a find internally, Cmd+Arrow Down should go to the end of a file
    • Cmd+~ (tilde) should go through to the browser and find another browser window if applicable
  • Users should be able to rebind their keys
    • We have "bindkey" but need a nice graphical view
    • Need the option to override the default, or keep it (right now we keep the default)
    • We should give people an easy way to get keybindings from emacs, vi, textmate etc.