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The current help command lists out all of the commands available in a huge list. This is a small subset of what we want in a help system.

Instead, the major requirement is to give users a path to find solutions to their given issue.

What if we redesign help to instead offer:

  • Change the popup to display sections that point to the options:
    • commands (via "help commands")
    • settings (via "help settings")
    • howto (via "help howto")
  • Commands
    • help commands - shows the list of commands
    • help commands f - shows you all of the commands starting with f
    • help commands foo - shows info on the 'foo' command
  • Settings
    • help settings - lists all of the various settings, including if the user has set them or not
    • help settings f - shows you all of the settings starting with f
    • help settings foo - shows info on the 'foo' setting
  • How To
    • help howto - shows a list of howto docs
    • help howto f - shows you all of the howto docs starting with f
    • help howto rails - shows you the Rails how to example