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We would like to have rich/intuitive inline documentation of web development topics such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and Javascript libraries. This documentation would be included directly within the Bespin interface with the goal of making the documentation work offline via Google Gears, HTML client-side storage, or just running Bespin locally.

Like many things on the project exactly how this will work will come out of experimenting. For now we will build documentation only for the <canvas> element. This will allow us to have a working prototype to build discussions on and also be helpful for people new to working with the <canvas> element.

Please take a look through pages listed below for more details.

NOTE: It would be nice to collaborate with the Open Web project so as to not duplicate work or fragment mindshare.


  • Canvas (Feedback appreciated)
  • Documentation Systems (Feedback appreciated)
  • Deferred for now:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS
    • JS Libraries
      • Dojo
      • jQuery
      • Etc.