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This page will hold release notes over time, with the most recent appearing on top:

0.5 Embedded

0.4.x – Collaboration

0.4.5 "Ash Williams" (not yet released)

0.4.4 "Bubba Ho-Tep" (2009-09-19)

  • Fixed a minor security flaw that could allow users to access files that do not belong to them.
  • Numerous fixes from Alex Iskander, Julian Viereck, and Kevin Dangoor.
  • 6 bugs fixed

0.4.3 "Chuck Finley" (2009-09-11)

  • Add native `svn` command syntax
  • Add `deploy` command to push project files to your website via SFTP
  • Add cursor tracking to collaboration
  • Other collaboration enhancements
  • 7 bugs fixed

0.4.2 "H. E. Pennypacker" (2009-08-26)

0.4.1 "Fletch F. Fletch" (2009-08-17)

  • Add ability to specify username when committing to a distributed VCS.
  • 13 bugs fixed

0.4.0 "Stratospheric Stratus" (2009-08-13)

  • Collaboration! You can now work together when editing a file.
  • The file browser (cmd-O/ctrl-O) now has an integrated command line and you can use files from the file browser as parts of your commands
  • The file browser now has "action panes" for files and folders. These panes make it easy to do things like delete files and create new directories.
  • Argument completion on the command line for certain commands (like load and set)
  • cmd-L/ctrl-L lets you jump to a line
  • cmd-F/ctrl-F to find within a file
  • There is the beginning of a plugin architecture that allows you to add new commands and subscribe to editor events, including easy code reloading. The API for this is not yet stable. If you want to help shape Bespin's plugin architecture, speak up on the bespin-core mailing list
  • Subversion support for the "vcs" commands
  • Improved vcs clone/checkout command user interface
  • Many bug fixes and improvements submitted by Alex Iskander, Julian Viereck, Dany Zatuchna and Gordon P. Hemsley (my apologies if I left anyone out of this list!)


0.3.0 "Strategic Stratus" (2009-06-26)

  • The Dashboard file navigation page has been eliminated. File navigation is being built into the editor.
  • JavaScript code completion - set codecomplete on. Thanks to Malte.
  • Python syntax highlighter (thanks to Scott Ellis)
  • The Python server is now more extensible for custom deployments

0.2.x – Feature Explosion

0.2.3 "Super Cirrus" (2009-05-22)

0.2.2 "Speedy Cirrus" (2009-05-06)

  • Improvements to the Jetpack commands
  • Fixes for the Redis stats tracking

0.2.1 "Cheeky Cirrus" (2009-04-28)

  • Jetpack support: try the new jetpack commands
  • Added "hg init" command to initialize a new Mercurial repository in a project
  • Added "vcs status" command to view the status of the working copy (which files are new, modified, etc.)
  • Added support for subcommands having auto complete

0.2.0 "Sassy Cirrus" (2009-04-27)

  • vcs commands added
  • Dashboard now uses new Thunderhead with CSS support
  • bespin.editor.Component was improved with a bigger API
  • Command history is now persistent across sessions
    • 50 last items are saved
  • Dashboard file browser now supports keyboard for moving around and selecting a file
  • Python syntax support
  • Dirty file support:
    • If you have edited a file and not saved it yet, you will see a "●" indicator letting you know that the file is dirty
  • Gutters change color on error areas
  • Tab support (the characters, not the navigation tools)
    • set tabmode on
    • set tabarrow on
    • set tabshow on
  • Syntax Engine
    • set syntaxengine codemirror (for alternate mode, "simple" is default)
  • set highlightline on
  • set strictlines now defaults to on! :)
  • set preview inline|iphone|window
  • set trimonsave (auto trim files when you save them)
  • set syntaxcheck on (turn on outline command and syntax info)
  • set debugmode on
    • turns on debugger mode
  • set dotmode off
    • If dotmode is set to off, skip files that begin with a period.
  • set smartmove on (default = on)
    • handle spaces as tabs when moving around with the cursor
  • set theme foo - now hunts for a theme
    1. already loaded in bespin/themes/default.js
    2. in bespin/themes/foo.js
    3. in user specific BespinSettings/themes/foo.js

0.1.x – Proof of Concept

0.1.6 "Nutritious Nimbus" (2009-03-06)

  • The export command works properly again
  • Many other smaller bug fixes throughout
  • QuickOpen support, thanks to Julian
  • set cursorblink [num of milliseconds]
  • bespin.editor.Component is in da haus

0.1.5 "Nonchalant Nimbus+" (2009-03-04)

  • Change path URL format in dashboard slightly
  • Add ability to suppress project change in the info bar
  • Fix an issue where clicking the login button doesn't get you to the dashboard.

0.1.4 "Nonchalant Nimbus" (2009-03-04)

  • We are now using Dojo throughout (thanks to Roberto Saccon with some assistance from Peter Higgins and James Burke of the Dojo project)
  • The top-level file is now in charge of installing Dojo and setting up the development environment.
  • Switched to a multithreaded development server
  • New setting: autoindent. With it turned on, when you hit RETURN/ENTER you will be placed on the same space level on the next line
  • Select an area and hit TAB and it all indents. SHIFT+TAB and it unindents. Thanks to Jay Bird!
  • PHP and Java syntax highlighting is enabled (Java cheats) Thanks to Sean Burke.
  • Special support for certain keys so German keyboards etc can get in '{' and the like. Thanks to Julian Viereck
  • Better indent support and history. Thanks to Julian Vierect
  • Arduino support. Optional, add: include("bespin.syntax.arduino"); to your config.js to turn on. Thanks to Olle Jonsson
  • Config work has short cuts now so you can simply use: include(file), execute(cmd), publish(), subscribe()
  • The dashboard remembers your state for when you go back to it. Thanks to Julian Viereck

0.1.3 "Nimble Nimbus" (2009-02-25)

  • Usernames can no longer contain spaces (among a few other characters). This includes a database migration to make this happen (converting spaces to "", and then falling back to "-")
  • Usernames can also be longer, to accommodate people who want to use their email address as their username
  • Safari 4 support
  • There are some "file not found" errors that Bespin would inaccurately report as 405 errors.
  • Login will no longer produce an internal server error if the user's ticket is bad (this is largely something that is seen in development)
  • Fixed a couple of the Python server requirements to eliminate some installation problems people reported (simplejson and httplib2 specifically)
  • The browser compatibility popup now looks okay in IE (bug 478337)

0.1.2 "Narky Nimbus" (2009-02-20)

  • System clipboard copy and paste is now enabled thanks to WebKit and the DOM on[cut|copy|paste] work. Firefox will work too if we get clipboardData added to onpaste. Vote it up :)
  • Projects are now scoped to each user and not global!
    • To collaborate, the notion of "sharing" projects will be used (a la Google Docs)
    • The special user project is now not a hidden hash, but "BespinSettings" and is shown in the Dashboard
  • BespinServerAPI updated to version 2
    • New project APIs: rename
    • Can create empty directories
  • X-Bespin-API sent
  • Cache Control fixes
  • Can shift+click on filenames in the dashboard to open them in new tabs
  • New commands:
    • createproject projectName
    • deleteproject projectName
    • renameproject currentName newName
    • mkdir path projectname
  • Mousewheel now works with WebKit
  • Font doesn't temporarily change when window is resized
  • set keybindings emacs
  • command line resizes more correctly (takes up the max length)
  • BespinSettings/config.js now supports you putting arbitary JavaScript in there to extend Bespin. You can load it up automatically via 'set autoload on'
  • Commands: Added support for creating and loading up your own commands
    • cmdload commandname
    • cmdedit commandname (forces, so will do an add if you don't have)
    • cmdlist
    • cmdrm commandname

0.1.1 "Naughty Nimbus" (2009-02-13)

  • "> set strictlines on" will allow you to change the mode of how lines and the cursor works. By default, you can always move right on a line (even past where there is content), or click anywhere to get direct access. With strictlines mode, you are restricted. Clicking wide will set the cursor at the end of the line. Mousing left on the first character will take you to the end of the last line. Moving right at the end of a line will take you to the first character of the next line.
  • Fix the way that characters like TAB and BACKSPACE don't get sent to the browser (and thus tab to the command line by mistake)
  • Use the fontsize on load of the editor
  • Add the version from Bespin.versionCodename and Bespin.versionNumber
  • Allow full page zoom and unzoom
  • The command line was given more space

0.1 "Launch Time" (2009-01-15)

This is the mother load, the initial launch of the editor, commandline, and dashboard.

  • Canvas based editor
  • Dashboard
  • Command line