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Bespin Roadmap

The future of Bespin is up to you and the other users of Bespin, because of Bespin's new plugin architecture. The plans listed on this roadmap are features we (the Bespin core team) have committed to adding, but we hope to see all kinds of new features come from everywhere. Note that the list below is not comprehensive. These are simply the features that are specifically scheduled for release.

Bespin 0.8 (Cheviot)

Planned release: early June, 2010

On the client, Cheviot is a significant step toward stabilizing the APIs as the foundation for the GUI is set up. This is the first themeable release of Bespin since the "reboot". Cheviot is a both an infrastructure and feature release for Bespin.

Bespin 0.8.x

Planned release: June, 2010

We expect to launch of the Bespin Plugin Gallery on the web sometime during the month of June, with a minor client/server update to support the new web-based gallery.

Bespin 0.9 (Edison)

Planned release: late June, early July 2010

The Edison release will add JavaScript code completion to Bespin, plus other features and fixes. This will be the last major release with the Python server.

Bespin 1.0 (Max)

Planned release: late summer 2010

The Max release will represent a stabilization of the client API and the introduction of the JavaScript server. The server will likely go by a name other than "Bespin".

Bespin 1.1 (Blank)

Planned release: early fall 2010

Re-introduction of collaboration features, now implemented as a federation of independent Bespins.