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What are Design Jams?

Design Jams are one-or-two-day design sessions, during which people team up to tackle engaging User Experience (UX) challenges.

Similar to developer ‘hackdays’ they aim to get designers together to learn and collaborate with each other while working on actual problems. The sessions champion open-source thinking & sharing and are non-profit, run by local volunteers.

To facilitate the free exchange of ideas - all outputs, visualizations and other contributions made during Design Jams - must be contributed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This basically means anyone can use ideas generated at the Design Jam, as long as they credit the original authors.

Learn more on the Design Jam Wiki

Mozilla supports Design Jams

As part of the Concept Series, Mozilla Labs will actively be supporting local champions in their efforts of organising Design Jams.

Do you want to organise a Design jam in your area? Yay, that's great to hear! Either add your name and other details to the Run a Design Jam page on the wiki or email cyberdees[at]mozilla[dot]com and pretty soon we’ll support getting a Design Jam near you going. It’s as simple as that!

Upcoming Design Jams

  • Chapel Hill #1 26 March 2011 @ UNC Chapel Hill Hyde Hall - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  • Milan #1 16 April 2011 @ LBI via Marghera 43 - Milan, Italy
  • Oxford #1 May 2011 - Oxford, UK

Past Design Jams

  • London #2 February 2011 @ City University London - London, UK
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    • 'An ‘Open Design’ initiative supported by Mozilla Labs & City University London' Read post
  • Design Jam London #1 November 2010 @ City University London - London, UK
    • '50 design enthusiasts. 9 hours. 1 challenge' Read post
    • 'A collaborative UX design event supported by Mozilla Labs & City University London' Read post

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