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Team 3

Questions Team 3 (Laura, Ramsey, Dan) (Will probably be updated)

1.What level of proficiency do you have with using web browsers?
1-5 scale
proposed levels:
Novice/New to browsing, Somewhat Proficient, Proficient, Experienced, Very Experienced

2. What other web browsers do you use?
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Other [textbox]
Duplication of another group

3.Do you Actively use the History feature on your Browser?

4. If Yes to Question 3, Do you find that is is useful for finding what you are looking?
[text box]

5. How Quickly can you find what you are looking for?
1-30 secs
1minute-2 minutes
2 minutes-10 minutes
Greater than 10 minutes

6.What are you looking for in the History?
A webpage on a site
A specific Site
Browser state at a specific time
What I was doing at a time
Other[text box]

7.What web browser history interface do you like best?
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Other [textbox]


8. If No to Question 3, Why do you not use the History feature?
The interface is confusing
I cannot find what I am looking for
It takes too long to load
I did not know it existed
Other [text]

Team 2

Questions Team 2 (Aaron, Andrea, Yoon) (Will be revised)

1. What do you think is the most important/helpful clue to find out/remember a website that you visited? (Rank)

Ranking of 1-7 (Strongly disagree - strongly agree)

a) Images help me to remember a site.
b) Keywords help me to remember a site.
c) Sound/music help me to remember a site.
d) Title of the page or website helps me to remember a site.
e) Address (URL/Domain) help me to remember a site.
f) Type/Characteristic of page (Category) help me to remember a site.
g) [Other box]

[Additional comments box]

2. Do you use:
- Windows
- Tabs
- Both

3. How many tabs/windows do you have open right now?

4. When is the last time you shut down your browser?

5. What browsers do you use?

- Google Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari
- IE
- Opera
- Camino

Why do you use that browser (strengths/weaknesses)?

6. What bookmarking tools do you use?

- digg
- reddit
- delicious
- built-in browser bookmark

Why do you use that bookmarking tool (strengths/weaknesses)?

7. If you were trying to find an article you read on about Obama's Healthcare plan, how would you go about finding it again?

- I would go to the and try to find the article there.
- I would go to a search engine and use keywords to find the article.
- Other method [box]

8. I would like the ability to save and restore past...:

Ranking of 1-7 (Strongly disagree - strongly agree)

a) tabs
b) windows (including tabs)
c) browser state (including all tabs and windows)

9. Do you run into trouble retracing your steps because the content on the pages change?

Team 1

Questions Team #1 (Chris Driscoll, Lien Tran, Margaret Moser, Kurt Bieg)

How many sites do you visit in an average day?

What websites do you visit most?

How many hours per week do you spend: reading email on the web searching for information shopping socializing (Twitter, Facebook) learning checking headlines?

In a typical day, do you use more than one computer?

Do you use an RSS reader?

Do you use Firefox? If yes, is it your primary browser?

What is your primary browser and why?

Do you use Add-Ons or extensions? Why or why not?

How useful do you find your browser’s history? (1=not useful at all; 4=somewhat useful; 7=invaluable)

Which of the following ways do you *save* links (select all that apply): Commit to memory Use a bookmarking service (Delicious, Reddit, Digg, etc.) Add bookmark to browser Email it to myself Write it down Other (please describe)

What is the most common way for you to *find* a webpage you've visited before? From memory Retrieve from a bookmarking service (Delicious, Reddit, Digg, etc.) From your browser's bookmarks Typing into Firefox's awesome bar (where URL displays in Firefox) Google Ask a friend Other (please describe)

When you are trying to return to a web page you’ve visited before, how do you recall the page you are looking for? Mental image of the page The search phrase you used to get there originally The path (visited links) you used to get there The awesome bar (where URL displays in Firefox) Other (please describe)

When was the last time you could not easily find a web page that you wanted to return to? Today Yesterday Within the past week Within the past month More than a month ago

How did you try to find it?

Did you eventually find it?