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Q3 goal: F1 release with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail

Things we're deferring

  • long tail UI, e.g. long-tail with next release
  • long tail email


  • Publishing OAuth app secrets (in particular Twitter)

Coordination Tasks

  • Privacy Review (Sid - to be scheduled)
    • Shane to walk Sid through the differences w/ older F1 architecture
  • Security Review (curtisk)
    • happened, mostly fine, need to schedule followup items (e.g. injection attack review)
    • will contact curtisk and he will parse out to others as needed
  • AMO Review (to be scheduled)
    • DavidA gave Jorge a heads-up, should send him a xpi as soon as the gmail smtp flow is working.
  • UDC Review
    • No server-side user data, so not an issue (but need to fill in form).
  • Coordination with OpenWebApps: Recommendations from MikeHanson and BenAdida
    • expect that 70% chance no OWA add-on release this quarter, 30% chance release with no WebActivities support.
    • release add-on with no in-web-content APIs exposed
    • name your add-on something other than openwebapps
    • if you use navigator.apps, rename that to navigator.f1apps for now.
    • we'll have to figure out merging with OWA add-on in a few weeks.

Task Breakdown


  • Currently works


  • Currently works


  • Shane to make skeleton OWA app
  • Mark & shane finishing gmail xauth smtp.
  • Left to do:
    • figure out thumbnail inclusion (mime packaging work)
  • Risks:
    • Not sure how Google will like lots of SMTP calls
    • Not sure how problematic access to SMTP ports is on the interwebs
    • No clear way to detect errors in the field. ideas?

Non-Service Specific Dev Tasks

  • Change branding to be "Firefox Share Alpha" ?
  • Fix URI generation in about:apps [Shane]
  • Fix API injection [Shane w/ Myk's input] (will fix broken-in-new-windows bug)
  • Strip xpi down to size [shane]
  • Make sure that logout really removes all credentials in localStorage
  • UX minor bits
    • style logout link a bit better
    • change + tab to say that we'll have a way for adding arbitrary third party services.
  • Disable drive-by OWA installations [Shane]
  • Deferred: Adapt the OWA panel styling to adopt the F1 style [James]
  • Deferred: fix UX for about:apps
  • Deferred: fix UX for drive-by popup

User Testing

  • DONE: Bryan to write up scenario (by EOD Monday)
  • Shane et al to run tests (by when?)
  • Questions to answer:
    • Does the OWA "stuff" get in the way of the Firefox Share experience?
    • What's confusing?


  • Blog Post [david, w/ havi's help]
    • We're branding as Firefox Share (alpha)
    • Explain how this add-on is different from previous version
    • Explain why we're targeting a few major sites, and that we're planning long-tail in a subsequent release
    • Explain about client-side blah blah
    • Note: don't have multi-account setup in this version, sorry
    • Explain no data migration -- need to resetup, re-auth


  • Lots of UI polish still TBD
  • Nearly no testing on non-mac platforms so far
  • AMO team extremely busy