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Feature Status ETA Owner
Share Server Blocked on staging server, bug 650900 2011-05-05 Bryan Clark


Back end service that hosts the share interface and acts as a share proxy when needed for OAuth type sharing systems.


Who's working on this?

  • Feature Manager: Bryan Clark
  • Developers: Shane Caraveo, Philipp von Weitershausen, Tarek Ziadé
  • Product Manager: Bryan Clark
  • QA:
  • Security: Curtis Koenig, Yvan Boily, Daniel Veditz, Sid Stamm, David Chan, Lucas Adamski, Pete Fritchman

Release Requirements

Complete checklist of items that need to be satisfied before we can call this feature "done"

Next Steps

Open Issues

Staging Server bug 650900

F1/Share OAuth token Tracking bug bug 651555

Related Bugs & Dependencies


Test Plans


Any and all test plans and strategies. Either inline or linked to.

Goals/Use Cases

See F1 Use Cases



  Healthy: feature is progressing as expected.
  Blocked: feature is currently blocked.
  At Risk: feature is at risk of missing its targeted release.
ETA Estimated date for completion of the current feature task. Overall ETA for the feature is the product release date.