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Q. Why not use the Mozilla Add-ons site?

A. Not everything will necessarily be an extension. Some of the projects could be delivered as special builds, separate clients, documentation, visualizations, etc... Also, Add-ons are typically "completed" solutions for users. A Labs project can be a hack or a partial solution and may have much less testing done than a widely distributed extension.

Q. Is Mozilla Labs the final name?

A. Right now, the working title is Mozilla Labs. And the site would be

But I'm open to other suggestions. Some of the candidates names included:

  • Mozilla Research -
  • Mozilla Invent -
  • Mozilla Make - has UNIX geek cred
  • Mozilla <Keyword> where keywords (to get the juices flowing): ideas, seeds, new, create, discover, find, sow, experiment, study, test, fieldwork, nest, probe, explore, check out, design, define, forge, original, generate, produce, crystal, unearth, dig, root, investigate, conceive, demo, show, prototype, protos, pros, eggs, nuggets, jewels, fuse, aviary

Definitely open to ideas on naming. Ideally, we want something reflective of innovation, has a reasonable sized URL and sounds good after the word Mozilla.

Q. I'm a Mozilla Corporation employee, how can I partcipate in Labs?


Q. I'm a Mozilla Community member, how can I partcipate in Labs?