Labs/Meeting Minutes/20100412

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Goals & Progress

  • We start weekly goal tracking against plan from next week

Upcoming Releases

  • Weave 1.2 was released today


  • Thunder & Ragavan @ Toronto office this week
  • Jinghua & Jono @ CHI conference this week
  • Kevin & Patrick @ JS Con Friday - Monday
  • Hanson @ Linux Collaboration Summit


  • Plenty of open positions at Labs - please help us recruit!


  • Labs Night: Next Labs Night planned for April 29th @ Mountain View office; if you have people who want to speak, please ping Mayumi
  • Blog: We will start a series of posts around different topics; these posts are more like articles than our standard blog posts (need to find a good way to pull them up)
  • Blog/Site: We will start to create and archive videos of talks, brown bags, Labs Night lightning talks, etc.