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Task List & Schedule

Labs Projects

  • Guest Bloggers
  • Firefox Concept Art
  • Collaborating with IDEO on innovation process
  • Launch Idea Center
  • Hack Days
  • Remote brainstorming
  • Non-dev guest blogging/on innovation, creativity, etc...
  • Project hosting tools (e.g. SVN, BZ, collab.net, MozDev)
  • Extension contest
  • Usability studies

Idea Center Area

  • How to deal with "cold start" problem on ideas
  • Submission form details
  • Types: ideas, challenges
  • Popularity models - digg, voting, rating, $1000 to allocate
  • Define ontology, tags, folksonomy
  • Develop Idea Center Requirements document (starting with the Idea Center Plan)
  • Develop Ideas FAQ

Trials Area

  • Draft template concept document (see http://code.google.com/soc/mofo/about.html for an example)
  • Criteria for selecting a trial
  • Determine initial launch list (partners)
  • Determine initial launch list (internal trials)
  • Trial website template
  • Types: Showcase showdown (A vs. B)
  • What are the interesting research areas for us?
  • Develop Trials Area requirements document
  • Develop Trials FAQ


  • Writeup technical requirements
  • Come up with simple site mockup
  • Launch forums
  • Launch revised blog/site design
  • IRC Channel?
  • Legal stuff
    • Privacy Policy
    • Partner Disclosure?
    • Trademark issues?

Branding & Identity

  • Write an RFP
  • Evaluate branding/design companies
  • Determine final naming, logo, look & feel for each area
  • Articular the tone of the site: edgy, cheeky professional, academic, etc..
  • Branding Coverage: Keynote/Powerpoint, web site, stickers, logo merchandise?
  • Engage with design company

Marketing & Promotion

  • Develop messaging timeline
  • How do we tie messages into Fx launches/releases
  • How to get it kick-started, incentive for idea submission?
  • Tiering program for participation
  • Develop "tagline" for MozLabs
  • Sponsor a research conference
  • Sponsor a code jam/hackfest/FunHappyDevHouse/GlobalInnovationJam

I haven't delved too deeply into the site yet, but this looks interesting and made me think of Mozilla Labs...maybe we could sponsor some sort of (much smaller scale) "innovation jam"-like event sometime. Maybe the best ideas could get grants from the Community Giving program or somesuch...

Partner Management

  • Identify partner types
  • Enumerate list of ideal partners
  • How we work with MozDev
  • Develop 2-paragraph elevator pitch
  • Develop PDF slide deck on why participate
  • Develop Partner FAQ: why participate, risks, brand, audience reach, technology interests, failures, successes, licensing


  • Decide on participation model for Mozilla employees
  • Decide on participation model for Mozilla community members
  • Define MozLabs roles & responsibilities
  • Write Job Specifications
  • Identify candidates and where to source from
  • Setup an advisory council
  • Decide what conferences to attend to source ideas

Project Planning

  • Write up 6-month roadmap
  • Identify metrics and definition of success
  • Localization strategy

Lessons, Models, Investigate