Labs/Ubiquity/Meetings/2009-07-15 Weekly Meeting

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  • herd
  • 0.5.1 progress + bugs
  • other work progress


  1. Blair
  2. Brandon
  3. Fern
  4. Heather
  5. marsf
  6. Mitcho
  7. satyr
  8. Zach


  • herd updates
    • fern was on a poor connection, so he will email the list (ubiquity-core) with updates.
  • 0.5.1 progress
    • just pushed 0.5pre7 (=0.5.1pre1)
      • called it 0.5.1 as atul wasn't sure if it would be picked up correctly
      • next time we'll call it 0.5.1pre1
      • Current hg (+ 0.5pre7) includes numerous Parser 2 performance improvements, potential fixes to freezing bug + flickering
      • let's encourage people on lists to try it out.
    • 0.5.1 by the end of the week
    • Any blockers left for 0.5.1?
      • see the trac report:
      • Keystrokes not always being registered because cancel is taking awhile to be called #741
      • enter bug, hitting execute and nothing happens, appears to be fixed with mitcho's commit
      • when ubiquity is opened up the first few keystrokes are sometimes lost
    • Parser 2 is faster? Maybe. Please try.
  • General future work (beyond 0.5.1)
    • mitcho looking at community command localization
    • Hindi localization coming from Anant (other labs intern in mountain view)
    • others working on Slovak, Italian commands, etc.
    • There was a suggestion on the Google group on adding previews for the context-menu Ubiquity
      • display it in the Ubiquity command line?
      • how to add additional arguments?
      • discussion to continue...
    • Brandon's thinking about command uplift
    • Command feedback mechanism
      • Being able to comment on commands somehow (herd, in about:ubiquity, etc.)
      • Current standard feeds don't even all include author info - Heather will come to the rescue.
      • Learn from SUMO? AMO? Jetpack gallery?
      • fern hopes to add commenting and voting to the herd
      • There is discussion of a Ubiquity gallery, à la Jetpack gallery.
    • For 0.6, the end user release:
    • Heather is contacting command authors to do Parser 2-API conversion outreach. Yay!
      • mitcho is going to do a screencast on converting a command to the new API
    • Stats:
      • 8-23k users on the beta line
      • 30-100K users using 0.5