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  • Ubiquity 0.5.2 (release this week!)
  • Beyond 0.5.2
  • Ideas from Labs onsite
  • Herd
  • Ubiquity Settings
  • Miscellanous


  1. brandon
  2. mitcho
  3. jono
  4. heather
  5. atul
  6. lech
  7. satyr
  8. marsf


  • Ubiquity 0.5.2
    • Hoping to release this Thursday, can push to Friday if necessary
    • 0.5.2 will include:
      • Spanish localizations for commands.
        • Please blog/promote
      • suggestion memory
      • parser completion fixes
        • Playpen and Nountype Tuner are verified to be working
      • initial noun cache support is in
        • some parses are not completing properly — two tests recently went red. mitcho will investigate and hopefully fix before 0.5.2 (or else rollback + branch)
      • improved context menu support
        • test this
      • improved nountype scoring: see mitcho's recent blog posts, with a little more to come
        • new async geolocation nountype family — please experiment
      • chrome pages localizable!
      • Today's sprint! New notification bar for when you visit a site that has an active ubiquity command which you have not used
  • Beyond 0.5.2
    • Check commands on subscription — warn in case it's a Parser 1 command before subscribing
    • New async geolocation nountypes need to be applied
    • plugin-provider-argument feature?
    • Complete noun caching
    • Fix/improve problem with keystrokes getting lost ( see comment #9) and/or the enter execution being lost (
      • Could this be related to internal noun caching? Maybe.
    • When should we be cutting off 0.1.x line? 0.5.3? 0.6? Let's set the criteria.
      • Commands converted, x percent of top y used commands?
      • Open this up to the community and ask them what it would take for it to be "ready"
        • Add a survey monkey to the 0.1.x line to ask users why they haven't moved over
      • We can also update + uplift some of the popular ones which aren't getting updated
        • google site search
        • check facebook status?
        • facebook status
  • Herd
    • Fern says we need server + UI. Jono will investigate helping out.
    • Jono proposes to call the technology/method the herd, but call the public search interface like "ubiquity command search"
    • Could we expand discoverability technique added in the sprint to also give a drop down suggestion when someone navigates to a page that Herd has a command for?
  • Ideas from Labs onsite
    • command reminder (done! — see above)
    • persistent Ubiquity input interface
    • non-programmatic (macro-style?) way to create commands
    • command chaining, aliases
    • mouse-based and voice-input Ubiquity
    • JetPack API integration
  • Ubiquity Settings
    • Moving settings into native preference pane, discussion still open
    • We might table this one for now and focus on higher priorities