Labs/Ubiquity/Meetings/2009-08-12 Weekly Meeting

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  • Ubiquity 0.5.4
  • Internationalization
  • Beyond 0.5.4
  • Herd
  • Miscellaneous


  1. brandon
  2. mitcho
  3. lech
  4. heather
  5. Blair
  6. marsf
  7. jono


  • Ubiquity 0.5.4
    • Bug fixes
      • We fixed bunches of them!
    • Open bugs
      • Is Ubiquity Setup fail still an issue? Can't replicate FF 3.5.x problem here
      • Disabling commands bug, workin' on it
    • Parser 2 speed improvements
    • Push this out ASAP
      • Not necessarily wait for more localizations
  • Beyond 0.5.4
    • Work in parallel with 0.6 features
      • Need to prioritize 0.6 tickets soon
    • Work on finishing/improving...
      • Noun Cache
      • Suggestion Memory
      • Async Query Throttling
      • Service/plugin registration?
    • What to shelve?
    • What type of commands to uplift
      • Criteria for commands to uplift
        • Awesomeness? Impressiveness? Usefulness?
      • awesomebar-esque commands
      • command configurability
      • Question about Pixastic (
        • Is this a command we'd be interested in uplifting?
        • It's a cool command, but having a whole web app in a ubiquity command seems like it's not using Ubiquity for it's intended purpose. What would be better is to have simple ubiquity commands that interact with a seperate Pixastic web app.
    • More structured API for getting image arguments
  • Internationalization
    • Babelzilla - it's awesome! (we must thank them!)
    • Putting commands on Narro (BabelZilla)?
      • We can try out Narro on BabelZilla for a little while and see what we think - mitcho will contact
  • Herd
    • Created new trac milestone:
  • Goodbyes
    • Brandon has a week and a half left. Brandon doesn't wanna go! Mozilla is so fun =)
    • mitcho has about two-three weeks
      • mitcho is going to look at linguistic issues in the next few weeks, let him know if there's anything you need him to think about for you.