Labs/Ubiquity/Meetings/2009-08-19 Weekly Meeting

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  • Ubiquity 0.5.5
  • Ubiquity 0.6
  • The distant future (or maybe 0.6?)
  • Internationalization / Localization
  • Herd
  • Goodbyes


  1. brandon
  2. jono
  3. mitcho
  4. cers
  5. heather
  6. marsf
  7. lech
  8. satyr


  • Ubiquity 0.5.5
    • Noun Cache work
      • Documentation / Tutorials?
        • add documentation for observer based flushing
    • Persistence
      • Ubiquity in the chrome is now being experimented with!
        • chrome://ubiquity/content/persistence.html
        • mitcho's working on a screencast
      • Preview support is being worked on
      • Work on new experimental context menu ideas will happen here as well
        • Pie menus, Grid menus, etc
        • mouse-based Ubiquity enhancements are highly requested, especially in China
    • Are we going to continue supporting Fx 3.0?
      • Yes, for now we will continue supporting 3.0
      • Find out when 3.6 ships and when to consider discontinuing 3.0 support?
    • New skin submission
  • Internationalization / Localization
    • Fenian (tech admin) at BabelZilla is awesome!
    • Narro Updates : try it!
      • I'd like to decide whether to use this for builtin commands in a few days.
    • Link to BabelZilla within the about for translations, small paragraph to get people started.
    • error text hunt!
    • the need for a working/l10n-aware herd... so, moving on...
  • Herd
    • How are things going with AMO
      • Jono had IT set up a new herd server for us
      • fern's code will be installed there
      • fern's code uses MongoDb (for me to crash on - it's not a couch anymore, i don't know if you can crash on it). In order to let our IT staff eventually take over maintenance of herd, it might be better to transition it to SQL database (like MySQL or something)
        • mitcho, for one, strongly agrees.
      • Transition to SQL before we start collecting real data
      • Jono will try to have something running before the next meeting
      • should allow hosting of code, with versioning, and shared online code editing provided by Bespin!
  • Goodbyes
    • This is Brandon's last week =^-(
      • Brandon wants to thank everyone for an awesome summer!
      • Brandon will jump into IRC occasionally to say hi and see how things are going
      • mitcho will find Brandon at MIT and make him work on Ubiquity again.
    • Mitcho has about one-two weeks left (will be afk most of next week (moving and traveling) but will then work most of first week of September from Boston)