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When filing a bug in Trac, please use these reference categories to file it under the correct component.

  • builtin-commands: for anything related to the built in commands and the default subscribed feeds
  • builtin-nountype
  • command-API
  • community: for meta-tasks related to community building, such as reaching out to command developers
  • data-collection: for anything related to the user data collection feature
  • documentation
  • internationalization: for anything related to getting ubiquity working in more languages. Closely related to the 'parser' component, but I think the division is clear and useful.
  • parser
  • ubiquity-firefox-core
  • ubiquity-thunderbird
  • user-interface: for the behavior of the overlay panel, keystrokes and keyboard focus, the context menu, etc.
  • web-content: for the content on about:ubiquity and its linked pages such as the command-list; also external websites such as


Here are some keywords you can flag your bugs with, and how to use them.

  • good-for-beginners: bug tickets which may be good for a Ubiquity beginner to attack
  • try-to-reproduce: any bug that has been reported by an end-user but not reproduced or confirmed