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Release 0.1.1 is a minor update to Ubiquity that includes one thing that sucks, a few new features, and a bunch of bug fixes. All commands that were written for Ubiquity 0.1 should still work fine with this new release.

Thanks for participating in this Mozilla Labs experiment!

Things That Suck

The one inconvenience you may find in this release is that, as a result of a new feature regarding command feed subscriptions, any subscriptions you currently have will need to be manually unsubscribed from and then resubscribed to in order to work again. We're sorry about this.

New Features

  • We've added a feature that lets you choose whether you'd prefer to have commands you've subscribed to be auto-updated or manually updated. Currently, however, there is no good way to manually update command feeds—to do so you'll need to unsubscribe to the feed and then resubscribe to it. In the future, we'll be adding notification for changes to commands and a more humane manual update method.
  • There's now links to view the source of command feeds in the about:ubiquity page. For manually updated feeds, clicking on the link will show you the version of the feed that your browser is using.

Bug Fixes

  • A recurring transparent message with the text "TypeError: jQuery is undefined" or "TypeError: $ is undefined" should no longer appear. [1]
  • Commands that inject JQuery into a page should now work faster and not inconvenience the author's personal server. [2]
  • The "add-to-calendar" command should now work properly, rather than telling the user that the event was added without actually doing anything. [3]
  • Weather command now shows previews in celsius or fahrenheit (and kmh or mph) based on where you are located.
  • Ubiquity should no longer conflict with the Google Reader Notifier extension, and possibly other extensions as well. [4]
  • Command feeds served with a MIME type of application/javascript are no longer ignored. [5]
  • Commands from subscriptions now display properly in the "Your Commands" page. [6]
  • Fixed some security issues with the embedded video on the about:ubiquity page. [7] [8]
  • Fixed a common case of Ubiquity "crashing" and no longer functioning for the rest of a browser window's lifetime. [9]
  • More built-in commands and ubiquity-related pages now have icons associated with them. [10] [11]
  • If Ubiquity tries to display a transparent message but Growl isn't installed on OS X, Ubiquity now tells the user this instead of crashing. [12]
  • If the user has "clear browsing history on Firefox shutdown enabled", the user is informed on about:ubiquity that command subscriptions won't work. The user is also encouraged to get the Close 'n Forget extension to selectively preserve their browsing privacy, allowing command subscriptions and other features that rely on browser history (such as the AwesomeBar) to work. [13]