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Main Features

This release is primarily a bugfix release to Ubiquity, with a handful of minor new features. For more information about the motivation behind this release, see Atul's blog post.

Download It

If you already have Ubiquity, it will automatically update itself soon (you can also go to the add-ons manager and click "Find Updates" if you are feeling impatient). If you don't already have Ubiquity installed, you can get the latest version here.


Thanks to the Ubiquity core team for all their hard work on this release, as well as Gnintendo, Jeremy Laidman, and Andrew (gtd-php) for their patches!

In Depth


  • Ubiquity no longer modifies the browser's user-agent string. #484
  • The Japanese IME works in the command entry mode again. #381
  • The "subscription success" page now actually looks like a success page, instead of a warning page. [1]
  • Links to the experimental feed and the core developer commands no longer result in an infinite loop when clicked. #527
  • Ubiquity's feed manager no longer distinguishes between identical URLs with different hash components. #526
  • Synonyms of a command are now listed on the command list page. [2]
  • Command names with non-Latin-1 characters in them now display correctly again. #544
  • about and ? are now synonyms for the help verb. #451
  • Modifier suggestions to verbs are now given even if no first letter is pressed. #359

Command Authoring

  • Fixed a crashing bug in Utils.getLocalUrl(). [3]
  • Ubiquity feeds are now refreshed when the user clicks reload. [4]
  • Ubiquity's built-in version of JQuery has been upgraded to 1.3. #521
  • Fixed a crashing bug in Utils.openUrlInBrowser(). [5]
  • All links in the Ubiquity extension now point to, as all Ubiquity services are now on Mozilla infrastructure (instead of #533
  • If no preview function is provided, Ubiquity will automatically generate a standard one from the command description and help, if available [6]
  • Fixed a bug in Utils.isArray(). [7]
  • Documentation on options.previewDelay added to CmdUtils.CreateCommand(). [8]
  • Documentation for pageLoad functions was fixed. [9]
  • CmdUtils.getHtmlSelection() now automatically converts relative URLs to absolute ones. #551

Standard Feeds

  • Made the twitter verb work again. [19]
  • Help for the twitter verb is more meaningful. [20]
  • Fixed a bug involving the tinyURL'ing of URLs when using the twitter verb. [21] [22]
  • Fixed a bug in the Page Editing Commands when restoring page annotations. [23]
  • Added a count-tabs verb, along with some grammatical fixes. [24] #549 #550
  • Renamed commands exit, restart and close to exit-firefox, restart-firefox and close-window respectively, and close-tab now actually closes current tab if no argument is provided [25]
  • The last-email command now works with google apps and gmail. [26]
  • The tab commands now work when there are tabs without a loaded URL in them. [27]
  • Added create-bookmarklet-command-from and create-new-search-command verbs. [28]
  • Fixed a bug in the yelp command. [29]
  • Fixed a bug in the email and get-email-address commands that prevented commas from being present in contact names. #517 Hotfix

On February 25, 2009, a hotfix was issued that fixed high-priority bugs present in 0.1.6.