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Main Features

Ubiquity 0.1.8 is mostly a maintenance release with bugfixes to many of the most-often-used commands.

Download It

If you already have Ubiquity, it will automatically update itself soon (you can also go to the add-ons manager and click "Find Updates" if you are feeling impatient). If you don't already have Ubiquity installed, you can get the latest version of Ubiquity here.


Special thanks to Satyr for submitting a slew of great bugfixes!

In Depth

The complete list of fixes for this release can be viewed at the Ubiquity 0.1.8 Milestone.


  • The case in which Ubiquity's preview area doesn't work should be fixed. #633
  • The preview area now displays a scroll bar if its content is scrollable. #557
  • Ubiquity no longer brings up a Master Password entry dialog box while the user is in the middle of using the command entry mode. #628
  • Ubiquity no longer makes Firefox unusable at startup if a security error occurs while retrieving command feeds. #420
  • Ubiquity has lost a bit of weight--it's now a smaller download. #622

Standard Feeds

  • The twitter command now lets you type "as" in a tweet. #580
  • The twitter command now remembers your username and password better. #631
  • The email command now supports more than one email address per contact. #216

For Command Authors

  • If you're using Firefox 3.5 beta or higher, errors originating from command feeds now have the proper URL and line number listed in the JS Error Console, which should make debugging easier. If you're using any earlier version of Firefox, however, any errors originating from command feeds now have a note attached to them informing the reader that the file name and line number is inaccurate, and that the user should upgrade to a Firefox 3.5 beta if they want to more accurate debugging information.
  • CmdUtils.previewGet() now behaves more like its jQuery counterpart. #621