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Main Features

Ubiquity 0.5.1 address the major user interface and performance bugs in Ubiquity 0.5. This release brings you a more responsive parser and more accurate parsing.

Download It

If you already have Ubiquity 0.5, it will automatically update itself soon (you can also go to the add-ons manager and click "Find Updates" if you are feeling impatient). If you don't already have Ubiquity installed, you can get the latest version of Ubiquity here.


Thanks to the awesome Ubiquity community on ubiquity-firefox and Get Satisfaction for bug reporting, testing, and eternal patience.

In Depth

The complete list of fixes for this release can be viewed at the Ubiquity 0.5.1 milestone


  • Ubiquity should no longer completely freeze up Firefox. #829
  • Some bultin nountypes' scores were tweaked to improve the relevance of suggestions.

User Interface Fixes

  • User interface no longer flickers with each keystroke. #728
  • Parser 2 command incompatibility message is only displayed once per browser session. #821


  • Parser 2 is measurably faster. #656, #800, #829, #833
  • The switch for using network-call nountypes in argument-first suggestions was reimplemented to work with the new Parser 2 changes. #799
  • Commands in Parser 1 are no longer case sensitive. #693